Can I do WS4B Year Round?

I wont have the internet anymore and I really like WS4B. This means that I wont have many programs to choose from. So as long as im changing the program up can I do it year round?

You’ll get a lot of differing opinions on this one, but I think you’d be fine sticking with that template for quite a while. Just make sure to cycle the lifts-especially the max effort lifts-when they become stale.

The old standard Westside rule of thumb was that beginner lifters could use max effort lifts for three weeks, intermediates for two, and experienced lifters for one.

Accessory lifts can be used for a month, but there’s nothing wrong with swapping them out more often than that. The WS4SB template allows for more instinctive and spontaneous training than most, so don’t be afraid to make some changes not mentioned in the article.

I do Westside itself year round why the heck not. If you feel you are overreaching take a week and back off

you can do anything year round. the only people who switch programs every 2 months are begginers.

as long as you listen to your body and obviously make changes to your program so that you dont plateau (change weights, reps, rest, exercises used, etc.) then youll be good.

not that i really like prof x, but the guys been using the same program for like 20 years, he just makes minor adjustments when he needs to. which is all anyone needs to do.