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Can I do Weighted Chin Ups Instead of Squats in 5/3/1?

This isn’t permenant but currently my squat overshadows my deadlifts and I was wondering if doing the chin ups weighted on a 5/3/1 template would my biceps improve in strength and size?, I know it would definately build my back as it is a lacking part of my physique?

If I can build more strength on them I can overload them more thus getting them bigger.

I would never advocate getting rid of squats. My questions are:

Why not add them to the end of the workout? How many exercises do you do in the workout? Aside from Squats, what else are you doing on the 5/3/1?

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I’m not seeing the connection here.

Your squat is higher than your deadlift (not ludicrously abnormal, btw) so you want to stop squatting? Why not just deadlift more if you want to build it up? I also don’t understand where your biceps come into this.


Most people in your physique thread explicitly said weighted chins WEREN’T required to build your back, and I’ll continue to echo that. You don’t need weighted chins 5/3/1 to build up your back; you need to keep hitting your back with volume.

Stick to the heavy side of the assistance work recommendations and do 100 reps of back work everytime you lift. Your back will grow.


Replacing squats with chin ups? I’ve heard it all now. Actually, I think this has to be a troll. It’s too ridiculous to not be one.


Always a fan favorite.

Unless I’m misreading your training log, your squat is about 30 pounds higher than your deadlift. Dude, that’s not “overshadowing”. At all.

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Is this for real?


Just Rows and Stomach Vaccums for Abs, He said only pick two assistaince excersizes so I’d picked Barbell Rows for my back.

They don’t I just want them to get bigger because the back muscles are pulling muscles I can work my biceps and my back.

I mean they are both compound movements and of course I’ll be adding weight to the chins I don’t see the problem, you say it like I am saying I’m replacing them indefinately… No for around 6 weeks so my biceps will have gained strength and be able to handle more weight which means I can hypertrophy them more…

I know but I can work my back and biceps at the same time by doing weighted chins and get them stronger as I’d like them to be a standout part in my physique, I’ve implemented Lat Work and this is what my workout looked like yesterday.

Workout 2 - Week 1
DL 1RM = 140kg
80kgx5 (65%)
95kgx5 (75%)
107.5x10 (85%)
BBB 5 Sets
70kgx10 (50%)
Joker Sets
132.5kgx5 (95%)
Row 62.5kg 10x5

But you can also do this with UNWEIGHTED chins, and you can do it with weighted chins without using the 5/3/1 progression model.

Ok I will give it a go but I am not that good with linear progression, I am sure the compounds will strengthen my back, If it doesn’t work after the 13 weeks I’ll try what I said, cheers.

Why does it have to be linear progression?

Like I said; do 100 reps of back work every workout. Do this for months. Your back will grow.


Just continue training normally and listen to @T3hPwnisher.

DO NOT take squats out.

Edit: Google Jims article about weighted chins if you.want. A ready rep/set layout for you.


Are you basing your 5/3/1 %s on your actual 1RMs? You’re supposed to take 85-90% of your 1RMs and base the 5/3/1 %s on that number.
Also, Jokers are to be done after the 5/3/1 sets, not after supplemental (BBB in your case), if you really want to do them at all.
Lastly, I have no clue about the question, couldn’t figure out what you wanted. You can keep doing squats as a main exercise, and do chins and rows as assistance. Assistance means you do them after your main exercise work (5/3/1 sets and supplemental sets, like BBB).
Chins on one day, 50-100 reps depending on the program, rows on another day, 50-100 reps depending on the program. Your back will grow. If you want them to hit your arms more, do chins and rows with a supinated grip - easy tweak, no need to change exercises or the program. On the other two training days you can do curls if you’re hell bent on putting size on the arms.

You have a perfectly achievable goal (bigger back) that sinergizes with another perfectly achievable goal (bigger arms) without the need to tweak, change or remove any of the main stuff of the program, just adjusting here and there your accessory stuff.

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I base it off of 90% But with the BBB excersizes I base the 50% of of my actual 1RM, It’s cool though now bevause I’m going to follow Pwnisher’s advice.

Dude you never to boring but big and joker sets during the same phase. BBB would be in a leader phase and jokers would be anchor. Actually, with your level of experience, you don’t need to be doing jokers at all.