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Can I Do Test E Cycle 500mg/Wk and Only Use Nolvadex Safely?

Wanting to know if it’s ok to use test e and do a 10 week cycle 500mg per week and only use Nolvadex for pct? Wondering if I’ll keep my gains ect and if it’ll be safe

It would be safer to have an aromatase inhibitor for use during cycle and for PCT and also hCG during cycle as well.

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"Youre more genetically predisposed to gyno if your family has medium to large breasted women. Flat chested, likely little to no issue.’


this is easily one of the dumbest things i’ve read here for a while…


For a moment I thought CBM posted about the large breasted women and I was like “wait WHAT?!”

Sounds like someone had an epiphany in the shower while high.

so how big were your mum’s tits?

So what do you lads reckon? Should I be right with Nolva only? Only running 500cc a week for ten weeks then gonna go 20/20/10/10 for pct. Sorry for the Noob questions brahs just is my first one

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I’ve done it. I don’t think it’s optimal but I felt way better during PCT on just Nolvadex than I do on Clomid/Nolvadex. You’ll be fine but your natural test may take a little longer to Kickstart back up

i’d run the nolva for 6 weeks at 20 mg/day. don’t shortchange your PCT…

And one more thing lads. Did my first injection in my right glute yesterday, everything went smoothly, wondering if it’s normal to be corked all around the area I injected and when the corking should subside

It’ll go away after a while. Just always monitor the site for redness or irritation that could signify an abcess.