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Can I Do Squats and Deadlifts Same Workout?

Can I do both of them In my leg workout or is it too much?

you can do anything you want

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If your question is:

I picked up a program from a reputable coach who has had success training others. S/he has squats and deadlifts on the same day but I’m not sure if I can squat and deadlift on the same day.

Then the answer is yes.

If your question looks more like:

I want to do deadlifts. The only issue is the only day which isn’t a cluster fuck of volume is my squat day. So can I squeeze it in there?

Then no. Or if it’s:

Some guy that sounds plausible on youtube but has no documented history of success has me squatting and deadlifting on the same day. Is this a good layout?

The answer is likely no.


What about deadlifting every other leg workout instead of squats will that work too?

I squatted and deadlifted every Friday for about 9 months running the original 5/3/1 full body template. Nothing bad happened to me. Got strong. Felt beastly. Slept well too. Lifting weights works.

I would not do that. Your lower back will thank you.

Appropriate division if you practice 3 times a week is:
1 day: bench press - squat - bench press
2 day: (deficit) deadlift - bench press - deadlift
3 day: (front) squat - bench press - squat

You certainly can do squats and deadlifts in the same workout.

Whether that’s a good idea at a given time depends on a number of other variables:

  • how many days per week are you training?
  • how many sets/reps are you doing of each exercise?
  • what other assistance work are you doing?
  • what are your goals with each lift?

I disagree, depending on the answers to the questions above. If the OP intends to squat and deadlift 3x weekly on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, that would likely be preferable to performing the same volume of each exercise by squatting 3 days per week and deadlifting 3 other days per week (for just one example).

There’s a lot of other information OP needs to understand, which is why this was a great answer:

I do this when I’m peaking for a meet. One week I would do heavy pulls and light paused squats and the following week I would do heavy squats followed by speed pulls. I wouldn’t recommend going heavy on both lifts if you do though.

You can only disagree if you have a better division of fundamentally exercises than I did.

This really isn’t how the concept of disagreement works.


I don’t want my lowerback to thank me; I want my lowerback to scream at me to stop.

Consequently, I got my strongest when I deadlifted and squatted on the same day. Also did some reverse hypers. Lowerback got stronger, which was pretty cool.

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I think that as a beginner, you should try a lot of things, and see what works best for you. There’s too much variation from person to person for any of us to really answer the question definitively.

I can tell you that for me, and for most people, heavy squats and heavy deadlifts in the same session would be too much. But if you hammer squats on a given day and want to do a light/ high rep variation of deadlift, that should work pretty well. And vice versa. I’ll give you 2 examples that I like in my own training right now.

  1. Heavy squat day. I’ll do all my squat work, which usually involves a few low reps at a higher weight, along with maybe 3-5 sets of 8-10 lighter weight reps. Then I’ve been doing reverse hypers on a westside reverse hyper machine. Any variation of reverse hypers could work. OR you could do relatively light Romanian deadlifts for like 3 sets of 10.

  2. Heavy deadlift day. I’ll work up to my heavy deadlifts, and then do 3 sets of 10 with either front squats or a safety squat bar. I like this because those 2 lifts have carry over to the deadlift, but are not as taxing on my CNS and my hands as just doing lighter deadlifts for reps. I’ve never benefited much from incorporating high rep DL’s.


Sure you can, back when I used to train deads I used to do one sesh with both lifts & another (4 days later) with squats & KB swings.

You will die.

In all seriousness you’ll be just fine. Most nooby 3x/week full body programs have squats and deads in the same workout.

how long do u recommend doing this for? I think I’ll try it

This is really a “logical” approach…

it is if the goal is to get stronger.

it’s also logical if it’s what he wants to do. Or if he wants to become acclimated to the pain of a very difficult set or workout.

He didn’t say work to the point of injury. So there’s also that. A serious lower back pump is not a bad thing in a squat and/or deadlift workout. I get it often. Makes me feel sick, but that’s how we progress.


I don’t care if something is logical; only that it works.

Also, sarcasm is a very cowardly way to engage in dialogue. Let’s not do that. If you have something you’d like to say, please say it.


I squat and deadlift every Wednesday. Feels good brotha!

what about if the goal is size and strength? Is it still smart to do this