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Can I do OVT while cutting?


Before I realized it would be best to cut my BF down to 10% or so from 20%ish, I did one day of OVT (legs). Never has a workout kicked my ass that badly. My question is, can I use this while cutting? I've done EDT for 4 days now, but I don't really like it. I saw Mr.Thibaudeau's pics in his OVT article and he went from 18% BF and 230 to 205 and 5% BF in 14 weeks (WOW). Sounds like th results I'd like =x


if your at 20% go for it. but once you get down to say 10% then you should probabaly switch to a low volume strength training approach.


Why do people keep asking to do this program while cutting?



Cause CT did, and everyone knows the golden rule, if you train like X you will look like X.

jgfxznnn - that is what comes out when I hit my head on my keyboard.

Back to the question at hand. OVT is really designed for a mass phase and works best then.

That said, most any program will do, the aim should be to retain LBM and strength while dieting and performing HIIT.


Yes, you "can". Should you?



If you're going to use it, lower the volume to 3 sets instead of 5.


or do one of the supersets (ie {5+5}x5) per body part


I asked a while back a similar question, but instead I asked if this idea would work, which goes as follows:

Bench + DB flat fly
3x5 + 3x15
Tempo is the same on bench
Tempo of flys is as fast as possible



Correct, but how many people noticed that he did not do the leg portion of this program while dieting?

I have a feeling people trying to do this while dieting will figure this all out--the hard way.


A quick reiteration for those still paying attention:

Lifting in general is highly catabolic activity. OVT is even more extreme, particularly in regard to extended eccentrics and supersetting.

Only by enhanced nutrition can you derive significant benefit from such a damaging program. Cutting diets, by definition, do not qualify.



Sounds like a great idea on hormone-boosting supplements. Do you have those?