Can I do more cardio on Juice?

I am currently cutting up on a cycle of MD6, Winstrol 150mg/Week, Primo 500mg/Week and 1 amp of Sustanon a week. My Height is 5,3. I am doing cardio at 4 x week for 30 minutes generaly after I work out. Following Bill and John B’s recomendations, can I do more cardio as I’m on the juice or will lose too much muscle.
Thanks for your help T-Men!

Most on the site feel that little cardio is needed if diet / training are excellent. Cardio IS required by many to cut fat despite diet. Now that I am done with that…do the cardio. I just finished a six week cycle while doing cardio4-5X / week at a 40 minute duration. Not walking either. I still gained 23lbs. You won’t lose too much muscle.