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Can I do it naturally?

I have a few questions that i could really use some help with. Is it possible to win a local show naturally? I’m 21 5’9" 190 lbs and pretty lean probably around 12-14% body fat. I have been a hard gainer. I started at around 140lbs when i was 17 i am thinking about entering a contest in June. So my questions are can i do it naturally my chest is 44" arms 17" waist 33" thighs 24.5" and calves 15". Could you give me some advice as to what weight to come in at and some diet help also how can i increase my calf size beacause i think thats my weakest body part (its not for lack of trying) . Also i was wondering if i wanted to try some fitness modeling how could i get involved any one i could contact that could help me would be appreciated. Thanks

For calves that could be thighs (almost) do CP’s Luke Sauder Calf Routine, found by doing a T-mag search.

Simon have you actually tried that routine? What kind of results did you get? As in cm increase over how many months. Thanks

I added at least 2" on my calves by using Poloquins technique (with some modifications).

The modification I made was only doing 1 or 2 work sets. Anyway, the sets are damn hard you really can’t do more than 1 or 2 if your doing them correctly. Also, I only work them once a week if even that. Finally, I only do Donkey calf raises (or standing is equivalent but hard on the back). The reason being is that I want to emphasize the Gastronemius? since it the muscle that is really noticeable.

People that say the calves need more volume because they are a stubborn muscle are full of it. What the calf needs is intensity, and you simply cannot have intensity and volume at the same time. The calf muscle is basically being used whenever your standing or walking etc. So it is accustomed to a large volume of work so why the hell would you want to increase that volume? You need to work your calves so hard that you can barely walk after the workout. Then let them recover for at least a week.

You can find Poliquins calf exercise technique in his book.

Whatever you do, enter a drug-tested event. Only true genetic freaks like Tito Raymond and Johnny Stewart can mix it up with the big drug guys. As for training and diet info, read everything on t-mag, as well as other sites and magazines. It’s all there. If you don’t have knowledge these days with the ease and speed of the net, you’re just plain lazy. Best of luck!

I also really liked the Luke Sauder work out. I really saw improvement quickly. I agree that there are certainly limits to the volume but I saw improvements in using the light volume, second day of the routine. I found that an increase in the frequency of calf training made the best improvements for me. ie; 2 days out of 5 or 7 rather than just 1.

I’ve put an inch on my calves in 3 and a half weeks, from 16" to 17". I follow the plan pretty much except I do the standing raises instead of donkey, and my gym hasn’t got a seated calf machine so I improvise on the leg press. It’s a bit Heath Robinson but it seems to be getting the job done! Oh yeah, I agree that if you’re doing it properly you can’t walk after the workout. Intense is an understatement. What I do do to limit the DOMS is plenty of calf stretches before, in between sets and straight after. I walk like I’ve shit myself for a couple of days but at least that’s better than not walking at all! Enjoy.