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Can I Do Fullbody 4 Times a Week?

Does it work? I have lifted some weeks now, like 4 times a week, but i need a new program.

Does for example ICF or Fierce 5 work 4 days a week instead of 3?

Guys link me a good 4 days beginner workout program.

Too many variables to just “give you a program”

What are you goals? What are you currently doing? Is it working? What would adding a 4th day do that 3 days isn’t doing? Is working the full body 4 days per week the optimal strategy for your goals?

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I suppose you could but I’d back off to 3 per week if progress stalls or you start getting hurt. I write my own programs and keep it pretty simple. I do one exercise for shoulders, chest, back, and legs. I also will do calves and abs. Keep a log, time your rest, stretch when you’re done, and don’t overcomplicate it.

I don’t think it would matter. You’ve only ran your most recent program for a few weeks. Even if one of us on here gives you a suggestion, and even if Some of the most skilled users on here who design templates for people for a living came and linked you something, it still wouldn’t matter.

Just pick a program. Any one, and stick to it. And invest in some sort of nutrition plan, and have quality support and coaching (if you need it), at your disposal.

Doesn’t matter if you’re training 4 times a week, or two times a week, you won’t see any progress, if you keep program hopping like you’ve been doing.

Edit: Not to mention, Flip, RampantBagder, And Thepunisher already gave some good advice. Like rather detailed advice for you already, and you mostly just ignored them. I’m pretty sure your training frequency doesn’t matter as much as building a routine and staying dedicated to it, so you can progress and then move on up to more advance training.


Thanks Planet. x2 with everything the lady says.

Anyway lets get this back on track…

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I an skinnyfat, so i need to remove the fat, while i an going up om musclemass. I an currently eating on a maintance level.

My program now is a normal 4 day spilt, and i have used it for like 1 week, but i dont feel that i am increasing the weighs good enough.

So i am out after a good program for starters, 4 days, which makes u increase every week.

How have you come to this conclusion? In 1 week, how much have you increased the weight on particular lifts and how much do you believe it should have moved?

i feel like this is another one of those full body everyday cultist noob beginner threads, where they decide its the holy method of training somehow…

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Not much.

Its not just the weight-increase i dont like, but how the program is made. One day its triceps/chest, and other is lower body, which contains alot of sets/reps, which again makes me feel to tired do to the last excercies.

I want a easier 2 split program, which contains excercies like squat/deadlift etc.

Work harder.

Then choose a new one out of the hundreds on this website.

Easier or more simple?

Any exercise program put together on or for this website (tnation)

More simple.

More simple.

So, search the workout section, find one that you like…and go for it.

Bro, its like 400+ different workouts, where 80% of them are at advanced level. If u know about a good one for me, link me.


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just do 5/3/1


I understand and i got you covered!

Week 1: Beyond 5/3/1 (see this website)
Week 2: Starting Strength (add a day on Thursday)
Week 3: Madcow (add a day on Thursday)
Week 4: this is the important week where all your gains will happen and your hard work over the past 3 weeks will pay off. For the first half of the week you do The Best Damn Workout for naturals (see this site) and the second half you do the Colbert method.

This will confuse the body and shock it into never before seen gains.

Remember to keep food to a minimum and don’t work too hard. Getting tired is counterproductive to strength building. I mean can you lift more for 1 rep or 20?

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Shouldnt i stick to just one program, and use it for a period? Or?

The Intermediate Upper/Lower

Upper A
Bench 3x5
Incline Bench 3x8
Lat Pulldowns 3x8 (any grip)
Bent Over Rows 3x8
Curls 3x10/Reverse Flies 3x12 Superset

Lower A
Squats 3x5
Weighted Back Extensions 3x8
Leg Press 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Ab work 3x15/Calf raises 3x12 Superset

Upper B
OHP 3x5
Flies 3x10
Pullups 3x8
Pendlay Rows 3x8
Face Pulls 3x12/Tricep pressdowns 3x10 Superset

Lower B
Front Squat 3x5
Romanian Deadlift 3x8
Leg Extensions 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Ab work 3x15/Calf Raises 3x12 Superset

What ur thoughts on this one, guys? Found it and it looks very good, bit unsure about the progression, because its every 2 weeks u are adding more lbs, not every week.