Can I do a cycle of test e with hcg and still restore my sperm count from 0?

I did a cycle for a year and stopped in November. It has been almost 6 months and I still do not pass a fertility check. I started 25mg of Clomid ED and 1500 hcg twice a week. I have since bumped up the clomid to 50mg. I want to run a cycle of 600 test a week in a month. Can I restore my sperm count while on a cycle of I am using hcg?

There’s no way anyone can answer that with absolute certainty. If I had to guess, given your zero sperm count as of now, your chances aren’t good.

It is less than 15 million sperm/mL I am not sure about 0

Less than 15 million sperm is subfertile. Your at zero, 100% infertile! You’re not even on exogenous testosterone and already are infertile. So going on a cycle with hCG, doesn’t look good for you!

It would be foolish to go on a cycle if your intentions are to regain your fertility.