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Can I Do 5x3 Instead of 3x5 Starting Strength?


I’ve been training since March but i have been program hopping and i’ve eaten like a bird. Last week i finally decited to start taking my diet and training seriously. I’m following a bulking diet totalting at around 5300 calories a day.
Right now i weight around 63 kg and i squatted 3X5 @107,5 kg.
But… i really hate doing fives and i just mentally get out of the zone doing them. I have a lot of time to devote to training so i was wondering if i can just do 5X3 instead and add 2,5 kg per workout. Will this work?


You can do whatever you want. However; what is your goal?


5x3 instead of 3x5? Preposterous! Shame on you, sir, for such a poorly conceived notion. Kindly say 50 hail marys and take a cold shower.

Yeah, it’s fine. The difference is minimal.


I just want to get as strong as possible.


Use a variety of rep ranges. Only using one is a surefire way to stagnate.


But my question is: Will this be sufficent until i get to a 145 kg squat for 5X3?


My answer is this


Do Texas method or 5/3/1 triumvirate instead, especially if you can squat 235 for reps


If you can’t focus for five reps, I’d work on that underlying issue first. It’s, what, an extra 15 seconds more than a set of 3? C’mon. I would suggest buckling down, doing things you “hate”, and following the program as it was written because it works for what you’re looking to achieve.

For sure you can build strength training with 5x3 instead of 3x5, but I think your reasoning for wanting to change isn’t a valid excuse.

[quote]I’m following a bulking diet totalting at around 5300 calories a day.
Right now i weight around 63 kg[/quote]
You weighed 63 kg in the beginning of October, too. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you very rarely, if ever, eat 5300 calories in a single day.

It’s good that you’re trying to get your training and diet together, but what makes you think you need such crazy-high calories for a kid your size?


Will i be able to progress the same with 5X3 since it’s teqnecly the same volume? Will do the 5 reps for sure thought. And i’m starting the ‘‘diet’’ tomorrow. Haven’t tried it yet, will do the bulking diet Alan Thrall recently published on his Youtube channel.


5 reps gives you more endurance. I think that’s the general idea. Of course it will work quite well if you have the same volume.


Depends on the weight you’re using. If you use the weight you’d use for 5 reps (and still do 3 reps per set), then progress “should” be the same. If you use a 3RM, then you’d likely need more recovery than working with 5s.

I took a quick look but didn’t feel like watching the full 12 minutes. Can you tell me what, exactly, you ate yesterday? Someone your size jumping right to 5,300 calories seems excessive and, probably, unnecessary.


Then why are you on a bulking diet?


To update on the diet; i’m up 6 kg, and my body is looking anabolic. I also worked on doing 5 rep sets, and i’ve stopped using equipment like sbd knee sleeves and belt. I had to start out with 75 kg and i’ve know catched up to my old 3rm squat with belt and knee sleeves and i can know rep it for 5 easy.
I’m know also incorparating bench press into my training.

I’m know wondering if doing higher frequency (5-6 days per week) and taking 2-4 days off after maby 8 sessions in a row and superconpensating can work masterfully. I just love being in the gym to lift everyday.

Can this work?


such a weird thing to say


Why don’t you answer the questions?

People are trying to help and you are ignoring everyone.

And stop looking for validation


I think if you’re going to do something radically different from what the general run of advice is, it’s probably a good idea not to ask permission first, because you already know what people will say. Not that I’m one to talk- I do singles of clean and presses to virtually the exclusion of all else. I’m of the school of thought that if you’re going to just make shit up, you may as well just go for broke and do whatever the fuck you like.


Agreed sir!


Ok sir thanks for the insight. I was asking about superaccumilation becuase i once heard gorge leeman recommed it beginners (high volume, high frequency for 7- 14 days in a row followed by 3-7 days off.
I couldn’t find the video again so i was wondering if any of the forum members could recommend anything.
Lastly; i didn’t quite understand what validation i’m seeking. I’m useing the forum as a learing platform and i apreciate all the people giving me feedback on any diet or training related questions.


CWhat does Lehman have to do with SS? Nothing.

What does super accumulation have to do with SS?

You still didn’t answer a single question, yet answer little ol me. To defend your stance. That is looking for validation on your stance. Your talk might fool you locker room friends but I’m too old to believe your dribble.

Answer the damn question, leave your attitude somewhere else and I guarantee someone bigger then you will help. With real advice.