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Can I Do 5/3/1 5 Times Per Week as a 17 Y/O Beginner?


Im 17yo,180cm and 75kg and Im trying to lose weighth because even thhoughh Im not fat i dont have any muscle and hhave tons of fat on me.

I’ve been doing 5/3/1 Brian Alsruhe variation ( Giant sets,etc)

Its like Barbell Row/ Bench Press + Close Grip Bench, Dumbell Rows + Dips,triceps extensions,pushups + 10 conditioning (everyday) for bench day

OHP day is OHP,Chins ups + Dumbell SHould Press, Pull ups+ some assistance work

Dead lift day is kettlebell swing,deadlift + straight leg deadlift,kettlebell swing + glute ham raises,barbell row

Squat day is squats,box jumps + front squats,box jumps + accessory

Conditoning included all days. The program is supposed to be 4x times per weeek but i wanna do it 5x times per week bvecause Im crazy and i love working out intensively until i almost puke.

But today is supposed to be the 3rd day this week (I’ve been doing it 5x times per week for 2 weeks, this is my 3rd one) and Im dead. Literally i feel exhausted, my body is weird,feeling off and tired, im sleepy,always wanna eat and my head hurts like a truck hit it and i cant study.

What do you think? Should i do it 5x timnes per week or only 4(and rest today)?

Also, should i keep on trying to lose weighht?

Stick to what’s programmed. If you want a 5th day, just foamroll/stretch or play sports/walk

Trying to lose weight at 75kg is just dumb - what weight are you gonna be losing? The point of doing this kinda program is to build muscle. Be more, not less.

Why is it dumb tho?

Ok I will cut a day out. Will that kill my improvements from an athletic standpoint?

The program is intended to get you bigger and stronger, losing weight is counter productive to that goal.

Definitely not.

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Cut the bastardized 531 stuff. Do 531 as written for a bit. Triumvirate or bodyweight or bbb. Literally any program by wendler. You’re not Brian whatever his name is so whybwould you train like him. You absolutely do not need to lose weight at 5’10" and 165ish. If you look like shit you need to recomp instead of lose weight or you’re gonna end up looking like an Ethiopian. So in summary if you want to work out 5 days a week:

  1. Pick a 531 program (3/4 days a week) and do conditioning on the other days as written.
  2. Eat more. Possible cause of headaches.
  3. Sleep more.
  4. Stay hydrated. This is likely the reason your head hurts.
  5. You’re in the best time of your life to make gains, don’t waste it cutting your muffin top to have “sick abz”
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He posts on here as @Alpha Great dude. Training logs are worth a read.


You’re already 75kg - what’s the point of losing weight when you’re already skinny?

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You can have too much of a good thing. Your body needs to recover from your training if you want to grow and adding extra days not only hurts that, it increases your chances of injury.

Use your extra energy to attack the 4 days harder. Spend a day working in the yard, a different type of training (agility, endurance, etc) or playing a sport (as mentioned)

This doesn’t mean you’re getting the best results out of it. Chill. Then, eat at slightly above maintenance and run programs with progressive overload for 10 years. On May 22, 2029, you can pose atop a mound of radioactive waste and look out over the desolate nuclear wastelands of what remains of our planet, and know that you are jacked.


Do crossfit.

…And yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Anyway, part of getting strong and athletic is being able to recover well. Don’t run your body to the ground doing too much. 10 years from now you’ll definitely feel the abuse you are doing to your body if you continue to train like that

Even being an invincible teen with super human recovery time, 5x a week will still burn you out. You answered your own question when u listed all the stuff that’s going on with your body from working out that much.

Remember, training is just one aspect of getting bigger/stronger/cutzz etc. Sleep and nutrition are equally/more important with good training.