Can I Cycle Androgel 1.63?

'm 62 years old, 5’11", 175lbs. and in relatively good shape but I have low free test. I was on Androderm 4 mg patches for 6 weeks in August/September. My testicles began to ache after about 6 weeks . I was told that my natural t production was shutting down and my testicles were shrinking. I stopped the Androderm and I tried to address the low free test issue with natural supplements to no avail.

Yesterday my doctor prescribed Androgel 1.62 and my insurance accepted it. I know if I start it I’ll have the same shutting down and testicle pain issue.
I am wondering if I can cycle Androderm one month on a two weeks off? Or one month on and one month off? Would I be able to do that to increase my test levels and avoid shut down at the same time?
I don’t want to go all out and have to take hcg which I’ve been told on other forums I would need to do to avoid testicle shrinkage. Thanks.

Please read these stickies and note material concerning hCG.

-advice for new guys
-protocol for injections

I did read those and they did not answer the question I had.

TRT one week on and one off might keep the testes in better shape, but I doubt that you would feel very good. T levels will crash when off.

Any effective TRT will shut down your HPTA. You need to inject hCG to preserve your testes. Do you understand T+AI+hCG?

No one here does what you suggest.

There is an oil based sublingual HCG. Would that be effective? I’m asking if that would be an option instead of pinning? Thanks.

There are many hCG scams. Oral hCG does not work, oral GH does not work. Must be injected.