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Can I Cut Another Month? 6'2", 170 lbs



Im posting to get some opinions on whether I could keep on cutting or if to stop now and reverse diet. Im 6’2" and weighs 170 pounds… In metric that is 190 cm and 77 kg. Obviously Im not lean enough for clear ab definition, and my lower back is still holding some fat. On the other hand, my weight starts to feel too light compared to my height. Like everybody else I would like to get both bigger muscular wise and leaner.

Personally I think I could cut for another month and lose 2 kg/4,5 lbs and I would be rather satisfied and ready to start a long and slow lean bulk. But people in my gym keep telling me that I should stop cutting now because I dont have enought muscle mass to justify cutting anymore…

So I guess what Im asking for is opinions on whether you think I could continue cutting for another month, which is that I personally lean toward, or if I should consider to start adding calories and building muscle?


You need to build some mass before you cut.


You dont think I could benefit from cutting another 4,5 lbs to get a leaner base to bulk from?


No. You look like you don’t have 5 lbs to spare. Everyone on here is going to tell you the same thing: You’re small. Tiny. Borderline scrawny. Not sure your age, but you look like a 15 year old kid who has been lifting for a short amount of time.

The dudes in the gym are right. You’re not lacking ab definition and “cuts” because of your body fat, you’re lacking those because you have next to zero muscle on your body. Good news is, if you’re 6’2 and just that lean already, you might not have to worry about fat gain because your metobolism is probably cranking. Seriously, just eat relatively cleanly, have a good high calorie “cheat” meal a few times a week, and train your ass off on a good program that you will follow. Come back in 6 months with another picture and i bet you’d be blown away.


Thanks for replying. I think I will start adding calories then and try to build some more muscles. Do you think I need to deload or take a week of from training before starting a bulk or is it fine to just keep on from now on? I feel fresh, so I dont feel like my body needs a break at the moment… But I have been working out 4 times a week consistently the past 4 months while I have been cutting…


Nope. You need more muscle first.


I think you’ll be ok just moving into it. Add some calories slowly, but seriously do not be afraid to eat. Like anything that isn’t a pile of literal trash your body will be able to use, judging again by how lean you currently are. Don’t worry about the scale either. Best thing i ever started doing was taking pictures every 3 months and same with the scale. Just go by how you feel and the mirror.

I’d also suggest getting on a real program and sticking with it. 5/3/1 is a fantastic one because it is simple and it is not boring because of the flexibility. But seriously at your (appeared) age, literally any program structured will get you great results if you eat well, often, and a lot. Just stick with it brother, its a marathon not a sprint.


At your height and weight, my mom thought I had cancer.

Take 5 years and build muscles. 210, give or take 10 lbs is a great beginning.

Good luck.


Food, Deadlift, squat, food. Than sleep and eat some more. Dunno why u were cutting in the beginning unless u were a chubby dude…?


Thanks. Do you think I should plan on doing some linear progression where I add weight each week in the big compound movements? Or should I just increase weight when i can do 4x6-8 for example? Not sure if a planned progression will risk slowing down my progression?

And I started cutting just to get a better base to start bulking from for a long time… I went from 83 to 77 kg… I know im scrawny now, but my waist has decreased 8-10 cm from losing 6 kg, so i hope it will allow me to bulk for a longer time that i have become a little leaner…


Any plan that you stick with consistently will give you huge gains if you just eat enough. So just pick one you think seems fun and use it for six months.


If you do red meat and eggs and play with the quantities, you might be able to both grow and lean out at the same time from from where you are now - you’ve been starving your body of what it needs to support growth. We’ve all done it at one stage or another.


I don’t understand why people believe things like this. Here’s a question you should ask yourself. If a planned progression slowed progression, would ANYONE do it? Of course not. Every single person who lifts weights wants to gain muscle at the quickest rate possible, relative to their bodyfat goals. The thing that limits how much you can gain or lose on any particular well-conceived program is diet, not the program itself. Also, many programs, such as 5/3/1, have AMRAP sets written is as part of the planned progression. This means that there is variability in reps, depending on how fast you’re improving. And you’re adjusting working weights and maxes from month to month.

So here’s the bottom line. Follow a planned progression program as directly as you can, eat as necessary for your goals, and you will enjoy success.


mate no offence but why are you cutting, you have no muscles to show off you should bulk bulk bulk and then cut to show off your muscles - this must be a wind up!!!


focus on compound movements mainly to get stronger, eat like foods going out of fashion smash the calories, smash the protein and lift heavy, if i was you i wouldnt even consider a lean bulk, whats the point, dirty bulk just eat everything in site and pack on some mass!! you should put on a good 50 lbs before cutting really