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Can I Cruise on 300mg Test Forever?

I’m 41, on trt etc, just looking for opinions on stating on 300 test year round and 2 iu hgh as well. Looking to be healthy as possible but still look pretty muscular and lean

Currently on 100 mg test a week which puts me around 800 TT

Based on where 100 mg puts you, I doubt 300 mg is a good number long term. 300 mg is only a good forever dose for a small few (I do know a guy who need 280 mg to get high normal, but you are highish normal on 100 mg).

I think based on your blood work, that 200 mg would be wiser long term if you want to push it. I am of the opinion that you would get a muscle boost from that dose.

I think 200 mg cruise, with a blast a year is what I would do over 300 mg all the time. I think you would end up with more muscle with that strategy.


Your opinion on most effective blasts with min risks,I’m 41 and the following I can get:
Test cyp, e and prop and a mixture of all 3

I have only used test C and E and Oxandrolone (anavar). Just using Test at 500 mg per week is going to have a pretty good side effect profile.

I personally would stay away from Stanozol (Winny) as it is hard on the joints, and will only have a small impact as it is more for BBing contest prep. Additionally, I will not likely ever use Deca or any nandralone. It is just too risky IMO. Erections, libido and well being are more important to me (and you could blow up using Dbol or Drol Oxymetholone with IMO a better side effect profile).

I will likely do a test blast with Anadrol (Oxymetholone) for the next (second) blast. Anadrol will blow most people up, and is shown to result in fat loss.

HGH is good if you can afford it. I am trying out MK-677 to try to bring up my endogenous GH and IGF-1 (low on blood work). It probably won’t do what HGH will, but hopefully enough to get me to high normal on IGF-1.

I did not care all that much for var (oxandrolone). Some think it is great though. Maybe just not for me.

Outline you test and anadrol blast

I’m thinking a healthier option like you said, 200 test year round with 2 iu hgh
Blast maybe once a year with test prop and anadrol, something like 6 weeks, and maybe another blast with just test 500 x 10 weeks

What you are suggesting is about what I would do. I figure since I am on TRT, that my blasts can just use Test E for the test base and not worry about using prop. The cycle I am thinking about right now is:
1-16 wk: Test E 600 mg
1-4 wk: Dbol 20-30 mg/day
10-16 wk: Anadrol 50 mg/day

I may drop the Dbol out. I am still a ways out from doing the next cycle. I am thinking in the fall. I am cruising right now on the MK and Test E 200 mg/wk (I was Dr. prescribed, but now self administering).

I like the longer cycle being on blast and cruise as I am not afraid of shut down, and it gives me a bit more time to gain to avoid fat accumulation.

This is probably about as extreme as I would go for a cycle, as I put a high value on health and longevity.

Thanks so much, how old are you and how often would you do such a blast?

I am 32.

I am just starting with blasts, so I am open to doing them a bit more often. Since it is a 16 week cycle, I am thinking about 3 cycles every 2 years. I am looking to add on muscle and get close to the dream body right now. I will probably reduce to one test only cycle for 12 wks once a year once I get closer to my goals.

I don’t want to be the guy with a lot of medical conditions in my 50s, 60s looking back wishing I would have made different decisions. I figure with this approach that could happen, but the chances are a lot lower than with a lot of other approaches.

Roger that
I think my plan is stay on 200 test
12 week test 500 (maybe deca 400, I know it’s stupid but it’s so easy, my hrt clinic offers it)
Then a 4 week prop 100 daily and 50 mg anadrol daily

Just not sure about the deca, I know it causes libido issues (I never had an issue in 10 years) but I’m more concerned about it being “11x more toxic on vascular endothelial than test” (google the study) but also its affects on neurotransmitters etc, depression etc

Thanks for helping btw!

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Nandralone (NPP, Deca) and it’s derivative (tren) seem to have a larger impact on dopamine than other AAS. I think that is one of the reasons why some get libido and erection issues with it.

IMO, I would like to stay feeling like I do on TRT, and have no positive mood or energy boost on cycle. To me that would likely make me want to cycle more, or stay on at higher amounts. Psychological impacts scare me a bit.

I would encourage you to think about Deca for a couple months before doing it. If you still think it is a good idea after that time then go for it. I try to do this with big decisions and purchases. Especially with purchases often I decide I would rather use my money differently, and avoid the impulse buy.

I know the deca is bad for me but for some reason it was ingrained in me that you always needed test plus something else

I wish primo was legal in the USA

Maybe I’d drop the deca and do 500 test plus 4 iu hgh

You could do 500 test with Anadrol, and run the drol for 6 weeks. I think the size you put on might be more than you think. Anadrol is also really good for strength. It is pretty powerful.

To me the liver stuff with Anadrol scares me less than the dopamine and dick stuff with Deca. I just would not run it for all that long, or that often. FWIW, they have done clinical trials with Anadrol at 100 mg/day for 12 weeks. I would not recommend that though.

My main concern with the drol is that is dropped my hdl to 20 only 2 weeks in…
Plus I got headaches on it.
Some older vets said best to pulse it, like 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and repeat …I’ve never done it but the logic makes sense

It may not be for you. Individual response seems to be pretty different with AAS. I am not sure how much of a risk having HDL at 20 is for 4-6 weeks, and how fast it comes back?

Comes back in like 3 weeks to mid 40s…

I agree, the short term with drol is most likely healthier than 12 weeks of deca at 500 mg per week!

I really am not sure. I know bad cholesterol numbers are not good for someone. I am not sure how bad it is when short duration?

Good thing about drol is that I can see a huge effect in 3 weeks, so I’ll just limit it to that. 3 weeks out the year IMO isnt that bad

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I’ve been running 2 iu HGH for over a year now. Started at 5, then 4, then dropped to 2 for maintenance. Its very expensive. I wouldn’t do over 2 for super long just because we dont know the impacts. 2/day will get you the benefits you want.

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Have you looked into mk-677? It seems the data supports that it is pretty good at being a low cost alternative.