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Can I Cook Anavar into an Injectable Solution?


got 650 tabs of anavar 10 mg.

was going to cycle 20 mg daily. VERY little.

however it has utterly destroyed my appetite so I can to cut it out.

I was wondering, would it help if i broke it down and turned it into an injectable solution like I would with compenent th or finiplex?

I think it might be irritating my stomach.
the problem is it is 17 alpha alkaloid. I don’t know what would happen if I inected it.

it is either brilliant or stupid.


had to cut it out*


posted to eroids

I guess I’m risking being called out as a moron on this post. I know it sounds retarded. I know how bad ideas destroy karma and even destroy whole accounts.
please hear me out. this is either stupid or brilliant.

started a conservative cycle that included 20 mg of var every day as well as some other compounds.

the 20 mg of var alone utterly destroyed my appetite.
1st I was wondering why this is a common side effect?

I had the same experience with dbol, even down to 5 mg daily. However, I was fine with winstrol.

My guess is it is somehow irritating my digestive system, whether that be the stomach or the small intestine.

so here’s the question. Can i break the var down like you would cooking tren? This would bypass the digestive system.
anavar is a 17 alpha alkaloid which allows for the first pass through the liver, hence an oral steroid. What would happen if you injected it? further, if you cooked it down would it destroy the compound? just as a thought experiment.

the loss of appetite is a very common side effect. however, i’m sure the pharmaceutical companies already know this, and they don’t make injectable for a reason. I have however seen injectable d-bol, although VERY rare.

that’s all I got. I’m really putting myself out there on this one.


yeah, it’s retarded, bordering on troll territory.

I’m starting to wonder about you…


I don’t think the question is actually that bad. I’ve never heard of an injectable form of anavar, but things like dbol and winny are indeed produced this way from time to time. The ‘injectable’ form of winny can be taken orally or injected, depending on one’s preference, and the effects are essentially the same. No alterations need to be made to the injectable form to ingest it orally.

There are a couple things here that are a bit nebulous. For one, the assessment that the anavar is directly affecting appetite through irritation to the digestive system may or may not be true. It’s hard to say whether or not this is the case, or if the loss of appetite is simply a result of the compound being in the bloodstream. Obviously injectables can similarly affect appetite.

In GENERAL, a 17aa can be injected. And it should be similarly effective to oral dosing. But I don’t feel confident in saying that anavar, specifically, can be, since I’ve never heard of it. I’ll be curious to see if you come up with any instances of it being done. I don’t know that it would break down the way finaplix does. I sort of doubt it would, to be honest, but my chemistry knowledge is limited, so IDK.


I’m sticking with retarded. You can’t just arbitrarily go dissolving pills and injecting them. Oral winstrol/dbol are prepared totally differently to injectable. You can’t just buy some winny tabs, stir them into some water and inject it.

Pills have binding agents and shit like that.

Fun fact though just to stop my post being a total buzzkill: I have a recipe for winstrol ice lollies if anyone’s interested?


No, you can’t just buy winny pills, disolve them and pin them. But you CAN drink injectable winny, because it’s still 17aa. Also, injectable winny is actually a water-based solution. I bought injectable d bol and drank it (and never will again. It’s horrible.)

One of the questions he asked was whether or not the 17aa structure would inhibit being able to inject it. That’s not a problem. The things you brought up ARE problems, and as I said, I don’t know if they can be overcome.

And I should also be clear: I don’t think the OP should do this, even if it turns out there is a way to do it. Contaminants in this sort of process, assuming the end result is an aqueous solution, are too hard to avoid. I was more thinking about this as whether it’s truly possible or not.

And as an aside: Yogi, I’ve never used winstrol, or even ever really considered it. Do you like it? I assume you’ve used it since you have the aforementioned recipe, lol.


never heard of anyone drinking injectable dianabol before, you masochist! Winstrol’s quite commonly drunk, hence being able to freeze it into winsicles!

Yeah I’m with you about the 17aa thing not being a barrier to injection, but he specifically asked about tabs. You know that if he’d tried to pin those his next thread would’ve contained a photo of a bloated, necrotic leg.

I think though that anavar just doesn’t work as an injectable otherwise someone would be doing it. I don’t have a more scientific reason then that.

I do like winstrol, yeah. Makes you strong and gives you that DHT-derived look. You know the one I mean. It’s a poor man’s anavar in my opinion. Var’s definitely the superior steroid, but if you didn’t want to spend the money or were worried about it being faked then winstrol’s a fine choice. As I understand it, winny doesn’t ruin lipids like var does either.

I’m always surprised that it’s not more popular than it is. People seem to assume it’s only a pre-contest drug. I didn’t get the dry joints side effect which is probably why I like it so much. It’s unusual for me not to get brutalised by side effects.

So yeah. Winstrol gets two thumbs up from Yogi.


i have not used winny but would be interested in giving it a go. Did you get any joint pain etc when using it?

I always thought that is absolutely destroyed lipids, and did so at a very fast rate. Literally cutting HDL Cholestrol in half within 3 days. This combined with the joint paint is pretty much why i haven’t used it.


Never heard of injectable dianabol? Humm… seems like you don’t know too much about to call someone retarded. How do you think they discovered they discovered Tren could be injected? Dissolving some animal tablets and cooking it wasn’t the smartest idea…

Injectable dianabol is very common…

I’ve never head about problems with anavar before… so, why don’t try it and tell us…


He said that he had never heard on anyone ‘drinking’ injectable dbol.


Sorry… my bad!!! I’m so sorry!


haha, don’t worry about it, Thiago


Surprised none of you crackheads brought up the guy snorting dbol.


you have winstrol popsciples?
mmmm i have a whole bunch of popciles down in the celler…
…get yo fatass back here.

obviously going to break down the var and use cotton seed oil BB and BA like i would with tren.
whatman filters etc.

I haven’t the fuckest idea


it’s just a thought experiment.

yeah i mean how do you think underground tren was made. someone figured out you could make an injectable solution out of finiplix.

I think it could be done. Flip did bring up a good point. I could be losing my appetite just becuase of the compund. not becuase it’s an oral.


I wouldn’t, seriously