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Can I Continue Antibiotics on Juice?

Can I still take antibiotics during my cycle or am I asking for trouble?

As in you got sick and need to take antibiotics for a couple of days? As far as I know there is no known interaction issues known. Now if you are starting a cycle and you get sick then I would say wait the couple of days until your better to start the cycle but even then that would just be so you don’t waist an 'on" day being sick and sleeping.

Really most steroids help boost your immune system. There was even coverage on covid about how some steroids were a possible preventative measure or healing measure being explored.

I guess I should ask exactly what compounds you are taking. Something like cheque drops or halotestin probably would warrant you stopping while on the antibiotics.

Just keep your blood sugars low while on antibiotics.

Here is the list of meds that interact with Testosterone.

Which compounds are you taking and which antibiotics?