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Can I Compete?


Alot of people gave me the go ahead to compete at age 40. would you all like to see what follows.


It can be done, there are 50 year olds competing and looking simply amazing. Can you dream it? Seems like you are able to!

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."

-William Arthur Ward

So what are you doing buddy? Go hit some weights and eat something freshly killed. Keep us updated!


yes you can


Motivation is a beautiful thing.


thanks guys, I am going to buckle down and do it. I started eating all clean foods 3 weeks ago and know I am going to a high protein diet for a major bulking phase. I got back to traing three weeks ago. Hadn't trained in over ten years,but as they say muscle definately has memory. I had noticeable gains in my first three weeks. If you all want I can post some pics of my progress.



If he can do it, so can you.

You have a solid frame although I can't see your legs. Go for it Man! Why not???

Take progress pics all through your transformation and post them all in a couple years or so when you've reached competition condition. Good Luck!


I see your level 4, I plan on supplementing with casein,whey,and creatine. anything else I should use while I am bulking with lbm.


thanks for the thread. that's all the motivation I need. knowing it can been done just makes this journey even better. I was a state champ wrestler in school so I know all about discipline , but it's been awhile. just seeing that thread will make my training today much more intense.


Do it, then tell us if it is possible.


Just as everyone has already said...
You are never too late, do it and let us see the progress and results


BCAA's for extra amino's, Flameout for healthy fats and joint/ligament care. Those 2 are the next most essential after your protein and creatine. Oh Glutamine, though unfortunately Biotest doesn't offer a Glutamine product right now I think.

Depends on what your looking for and what you need. Once you get into good enough shape Beta-7 will be useful as it'll help you a tad getting extra reps in per set and allowing you to train a little longer and with more intensity. It goes well with Creatine.

I think it is up to you with Beta-7 when you want to add that in.


should I add BCAA and Flameout in my first cycle,or add these on my second or third cycle when reps decrease and sets and intensity increases


Go for it


Well if the cost isn't an issue.. as soon as possible. Though you should also make sure to have regular fish oil too. Make sure you look up info on BCAA's and Flameout for yourself on this site just for your own edification. Plus it is good to know what you are putting in your body, and what to expect. You'll see a lot of positive health benefits though besides what I have noted.


I would wait about 3 years...2 to fill out your shoulders and chest and perhaps (hamstrings??) and 1 to loose the fat.

But if you really want to do it you will need advanced techniques...I am approaching 40 and the fat just doesn't come off as easy as when I was 30.


So after all the pep talks I am going for it. I want to definately compete in my future. I started back 2-14-08 and started what i like to call my serious muscle growth routine. started with high reps moderate sets on a split routine to get back at it without injury.

I believe the high reps 15-20/set helps to work the belly of the muscle and not so much the tendons. 3 weeks of this then on to 12-15 reps of med sets, then 10-12reps more sets and so on. started to eat all clean foods with an emphasis on higher protein less carbs minimal nonsaturated fats.

I found that my muscles definately have their memory as I could see a noticeable difference in appearance and strenght in only 4 weeks. I started this venture at 195lbs. As of today I weighed 200lbs. Gained five pounds but look fuller and tighter. sure a couple of those pounds could have been water but pleased with five pounds /month. I will post some pictures if anybody wants to follow me on my journey to my dream.


iam going for it. thanks for the pep rally. if you want i will post my progress. if not so be it. thanks for the hype. we can all do it.


Muscle Memory is awesome.