Can I combine Ian King's programs?

Well, here’s the deal - I’m looking to combine Ian king’s “12 weeks to super strength”, “12 weeks of pain” and “12 weeks to astounding abdominals”

Okay, I’m already starting to sound like a cheese. Sorry.

Anyway, I was going to combine these three with the Massive Eating diet.

Would this be a smart approach?
I’m looking to pack on some weight and then cut for summer.


Good question! I was thinking about doing the exact same.

When do you plan on starting?

Ian King has said himself that it would be fine to do this. Of course make sure that all other aspects of your lifestyle outside of the gym are optimal.

Well, the thing is I’m going to have hernia surgery here inside a week. After I recover from that, I know Ian King’s ab program will help with that with his thin tummies. I was going to start after that.

What did you mean by keeping other days optimal?