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Can I Change the Title When I Think of Something Witty?

Not been training for a few days, house move is done though so that is a stress gone. Have a stinking cold and cough but covid test was negative so will ride it out and look to train end of the week. Did some conditioning in the back garden, weighted vest walking for 20-30 mins with 20kg, while in isolation.


As in just walking round and round in circles?

Haha, up and down the garden /patio. It was mainly to get the baby to nap in his buggy while the older one pottered about. We were going stir crazy indoors!

I’ve definitely done those walks. When we first got little man home, he insisted on being carried around all the time. I remember one particular time when my better half first went back to work, I literally carried him round the house for the entire 8 hour shift because he’d start crying as soon as I stopped and I didn’t want him to get upset with daddy.

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