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Can I Buy Bacteriostatic Water Without Prescription at Drug Store?


Im glad someone said something. I didn’t because I know he would just say I’m always getting on him.

Boiling water can get a lot out but it is def not considered medical grade sterile.

The point of bac water is the alcohol keep bacteria out of the vial.

Even if you Boil water as soon as it is exposed it begins to collect bacteria etc. Will this Practice kill you Probably not. But I def wouldn’t reccomend it to someone as a good idea or an alternative to getting bac water


I know that is why I freeze them immediately


No you don’t. You put them in the freezer immediately (maybe) but it isn’t frozen. Is the vessel you freeze the water in sterilized? What about heavy metals? You’re a staph infection waiting to happen.


i am not suggesting my method but so far it works

i have searched about the information about injecting tap water and seems like for so small amounts almost no risk

i only used 1.4mg to mix into 1500iu HCG


Hey bostin Loyd reuses his slin pins for months on end and he’s still alive.

I’d still never mention it as an idea on a thread tho lol


Hey brother, you can shoot shoot straight horseshit into yourself if you want. The point we’re trying to make is that it’s ‘less than ideal’ which you already know. A bottle of bac water can’t be that hard to locate. Hope it all works for you and you stay safe.


JFC tap water. If you’re that poor then you shouldn’t be running a cycle. Amazon has sterile water for wound irrigation that you could use and it’s like $14. A dozen site pop up when you look for this stuff, none of them require an RX, and all of them are better than injecting tap water. My God how do some of you people survive each day without accidentally lighting yourselves on fire?


I’ll have you know I only lit myself on fire twice this week! and it wasnt even my fault :joy:


Off topic and sorry about the threadjack, but how long can you store bacteriostatic water in a fridge?

I’ve had one for about a year, is it good to go?



Is it opened already?


So you never noticed anything months after when using HGH peptide?

Remember when we were talking about how defy has Sermorelin for a whopping $165 for 15mg? If I do 1000mcg(1mg) a day that’s esentially $114+ /month but still 1/3 defy price at any dose vs dose.


What needle size do I need for mixing bacteriostatic water with peptide ? Mine is 5mg peptide per vial which you said 4mg water needs to be withdrawn per vial.


A blood test is the best way to see if your peptide is working.
If your IFG-1 was pretty high to start you might not notice any effect. Its only when your numbers are in the dump. That usually happens the older you get. Do some research on how HGH helps a bodybuilder that’s really the only reason I take it.

I use any syringes I have to add the bac stat water. You could add the water then use that syringe to give yourself your first shot.

I don’t understand this question?
“So you never noticed anything months after when using HGH peptide?”
I have never taken HGH


Do you think my low igf-1 at 159 has something to do with why Im only 5’6"? I know I won’t grow taller as I’m 26 soon. Something I barely realized today and connected the two of possibly chronically low igf-1. Previously I assumed it’s because of chronic(1-2 years)bad sleep hygeine as igf-1 goes up when sleeping.

GHRP is the same thing HGH peptide right? I remember you mentioned taking bpc-157 but I think thats a peptide for joints?


How tall is your Dad and Grand Dad? 159 at 25 is pretty dam low. But I can’t say it is why you are only 5’6"
HGH stands for human growth hormone they make a synthetic GH but it is real expensive and it will shutdown your natural production. That is scary to me what if your natural does not start back up? Now you are strapped with injecting a very expensive drug for a long time. Although maybe one can live with no GH once you are a certain age. I don’t know. GH is what we are trying to boost by boosting IGF-1

IMO It would be a really good experiment if you could get your IGF-1 up into the 300 range it would need to be there for 6months to a year but you could see some nice growth. Do you enjoy the gym? Sorry if you have already mentioned this my memory isn’t what it used to be…


My dad is 5’10" his brothers are 5’11" and 6’1". Grandad I know was around 5’10" I think. Same on mom side, her brother was at least 5’9-10" or so I believe . When I was a kid my parents expected for me to be at least average after growth spurt lol.

Yes I love the gym. I’m coming up On 1 year consistent in couple weeks.

I believe HGH isn’t anabolic and only creates NEW muscle cells to create.room for them to grow as well if lifting but t doesn’t actually make muscle bigger. That’s why advanced pro bodybuilders take it- to create new muscle cells for the opportunity to make it bigger too because theyre already passed they’re Natty limit and can’t create new muscle cells without hgh. I think anabolic steroids can’t so that. Anabolic steroids only make current muscle cells bigger but doesn’t CREATE NEW ONES LIKE HGH. This is my interpretation of what I’ve read. You probably can correct me lol.

Have you tried rad140 at 15mg? What did you experience? Cardarine 10mg?


Any size. You’re just pushing water into a vial, so literally every single needle size that’s made can accommodate that demand. Your limitation is more about barrel size than needle size. You should be using a larger reconstituting needle/barrel combo, which is probably 18g and can hold up to 5ml of fluid. Don’t push it too fast into the peptide vial. You want a slow mixing, otherwise you could easily damage the powder.


No correction coming from me I think you know more about this HGH than I do.
I don’t know what rad140 is. I do take 20mg of Cardarine every gym day at breakfast so 5 days a week. I really like it. It boost my endurance and time just flies at the gym even though I am blasting with T and moving around some heavy weight. Well heavy for me, haha It also puts my mind into kind of a trance it is hard to explain but it feels good even with all the pain from the weights.

It is a bummer your folks did not notice you had stopped growing in height. As I understand it PCP’s give GH to trigger another growth spurt. Even so it will be interesting to see what it does for you now.

When you get done with Sermorelin 3 months cycles. Digging thru my research notes here is what I have.

Sermorelin monotherapy is commonly prescribed for relatively younger patients who have significant pituitary reserve and only need treatment for a few months, to increase exposure to endogenous hGH
Since Sermorelin eventually down regulates its pituitary receptors and actually “turns off” production of endogenous GHRH due to ultra short feedback and activation of somatostatin neurons in the hypothalamus, its efficacy of slowly lost and recovery is often required for restoration of function.
Recovery may be facilitated by subsequent monotherapy with Ipamorelin which will restore GHRH function and suppress somatostatin activity that is enhanced by Sermorelin therapy.

Ipamorelin monotherapy is also beneficial when provocative testing reveals that pituitary reserve is low, possibly due to hypothalamic deficiency of GHRH and enhancement of somatostatin influence. This condition often occurs at early somatopause and can be treated well with ipamorelin alone.
Administer Sermorelin at 500mcg - 1000mcg qhs for weeks 1-12 followed by ipamorelin at 500mcg qhs for 12 weeks

So I am suggesting you get a couple(2) bottles of ipamorelin (30bucks each same place) and do a 12 week run of it. Then back to 1000mcg of Sermorelin for another 3 months.
You know where to go get a blood test for just this right?


No I don’t know where to get blood test just for igf-1 besides defy/lapcorp.

You know 1000mcg=1mg? Those bottle that cost $30 are 2mg each(buy one get one free)so 4 of those for $60 will be just 8mg or 8 days at 1000mcg. Matter of fact the 15mg(3x5mg vials) I used will only be 1/2 month of Sermorelin lol.


Do you think cardarine alone is a great pre-workout? I bought 90 cap bottle and don’t wanna buy pre-workoit if it is great