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Can I Buy Bacteriostatic Water Without Prescription at Drug Store?

And how much would I need for lets say 5mg of peptide powder(sermorelin) in a vial?Thanks any help would be appreciated!

You can get it online.

Thanks how many ml would be necessary for 3 vials of 5mg sermorelin powder

How big are the vials? What concentration do you want the sermorelin to be at for dosing?

Vials are very small, much smaller than 12,000iu HCG I get from an actual pharmacy. Its only 5mg of powder per vial.What do you mean concentration? I just want to inject 500mcg per day in 1 shot.

Go to a peptide calculator like this and fill in the blanks.
4mL will be the most you can add so add 4mL to the 5mg bottle and draw .20ml for a 500 mcg dose.

How do you know I can only add 4ml to 5mg bottle, did you do that before or how did you figure that out ? Also is it true that once I open bacteriostatic water I have to throw away 4 weeks later? I ordered 20ml which would be enough water for 5 bottles and I only have 3. Not that wasting part of that $10 water+shipping is a big deal lol. Thanks

You have to find the displacement rate of the powder and factor that in. So 4ml water + Xmg of powder = your total volume

Because I told you where to buy this product and I buy and use the same thing. Once I tap my bac water I keep it in a ziplock bag in the frig. I use it until it is gone. I don’t put a timer on it.
If all you bought was sermorelin you should consider doubling that dose. It take 3 months for this stuff to move your IGF-1 500mcg is a maint dose. It is also very important to do your injection at bedtime every night. Your body produces its GH at night while you sleep. That is when you want the sermorelin in your system. It’s half life is only ~6 hours and it gone.
Sorry I don’t remember did you test your IGF-1 so you have a baseline?

Thanks for answering on this particular post. Yeah I had it checked at 159. Took 25mg ibutamoren from defy(mk-677 aka oral GHRP-6) but I didn’t like it made me feel like I was on a drug. Plus side effects of hunger / lethargy whether it was placebo on me or not I don’t like.

I’ll take 1000mcg than starting next week when back water arrives. What needle / syringe o I need to order? U can’t use 25 guage 1inch testosterone needle right?

No reason to use anything larger than a 31ga 5/16" inject subQ in either love handle. I think I pay like 12 bucks a hundred. So pretty cheap.
Since this is an every night thing for the next 3-6 months you want it as painless as possible.

You will not feel this like you are taking a drug. In 3 months or more check your IGF-1. It is the only way to know it is working. I honestly did not notice improved muscle growth for 6 months.

159 is low. Again sorry I can’t remember your age. basicly <45 you want 300 >45 shoot for 200.
Yes is can be dangerous for us older guys, talking about myself(65) no one else, to go over 200.
Boosting GH will help you make muscle but it can also speed up a cancer you may not know you have. Its a danger you have to consider.

What I meant was for withdrawing thr bacteriostatic water into the powdered vial. I think the one defy uses for my HCG is 10ml but I don’t know the exact size and length.

Yeah 300 is what mike from defy told me I’m 26 in May. You’re my dad age he will be 66 in June. I told him to consider TRT he is one of these that looks down on it.

I miscalculated and only bought 15mg which is 15 days at that dose and 30 at previous dose…I was thinking that’s enough for 2 months at previous. I’ll have to order more lol.

Yep 300 should be your target. Are you blasting as well as running your TRT?
I know where your Dad’s head is. For many years my little head ruled my big head. This cost me.
There was a time when I was so glad I did not think about sex 24/7 and I was able to get my shit together and make some serious money. In other words my hypogonadism made me rich. I retired 10 years early my home in Vail CO is paid for my cars are paid for. I will never have to take out a loan for the rest of my life. That was my 50’s now in my 60 I want my sex life back so me and the wife joined Defy.
Is you relationship with your Dad close enough you can talk about this stuff?

No I’m just using my TRT as prescribed from defy.

I would think he’s the only one in my family who knows I’m on TRT than again I have 5 sisters ,0 brothers, and a mom so of course that would make sense. I did convince him to use E-cigs a few years ago and he’s been on them since. Id like him to go on TRT now.

Do you also have to wait 18 days between adding money to crypto currency account? I’m new to that.

I meant like when you’re actually able to use the funds.

I couldnt find Bacteriorstatic Water for my HCG

so instead i started using boiled and cooled tap water then freeze :slight_smile:

I just use my visa card. It has a onetime use code you put in instead of your real CC number.
You should be able to buy bac stat water from Empower thru Defy.

Jesus man boiling does not remove anything disolved into tap water like lead.

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