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Can I Build a Solid Program Based Around HS Machines?

Im 54 and been lifting about a year. I find the HS machines awesome and so easy on the joints. I do a little dumbbell and cable stuff, but my program consists mainly of HS exercises. Any thoughts on which machines are best and/or worst? Thanks.

I’d think that’s more a matter of what you have in your gym. But fundamentally, sure, you can build a decent program around Hammer Strength stuff (presuming you’re training for size and/or fat loss, not strictly strength).

All sorts of rows and pulldowns (I love, I mean love the Hammer Strength DY row and would buy one for my house if I had the chance), HS shoulder presses supplemented with a variety of dumbbell lateral variations, a bajillion HS chest press variations. Those are obvious basics. The only thing would be to make sure you’re hitting legs and arms enough.