Can I Blame Androgel?

I just found out that I have an upcoming drug test, including steroids supposedly. I’ve been running Test-E for the past 12 weeks and obviously need to cut my cycle short!

I’ve been on HRT Androgel for several years now with a prescription. I’ve been saving it up for the past 12 weeks while ON cycle for PCT later.

My question: If I stop my cycle now and wait several weeks to a month can I blame Androgel usage for my possible positive test results? Hopefully someone can help me out here.

Thanks all, Tim

yes you can if test is the only thing they find. the test in the androgel is still plant (soy) derived as most synthetic test on the market (how ironic, i’d say this is one of the only times soy will raise test).

Thanks bro, I was running eq about 8 weeks ago, but haven’t since

i don’t know about that, the eq can be picked up upto 5 months out.

What’s the nature of this drug test? Workplace steroid tests are very rare.

Enanthate and Boldenone can be detected for 3-4 months after stoppage.

How soon is your test?

There are those steroid cleanser programs you could try if you have enough time. Never done them myself though

Yeah something’s weird with the test for steroids. Ask them for the print out of which drugs are tested for. It is your right to do this, I have asked for the sheet before and they gave it to me without question. It is not incriminating-just act concerned and interested.

if you are on hrt then you have a prescription from a doctor for supplementation if anything shows up just show them your prescription.,
this is what I plan to do if in your position.

I have a legit script for androgel which I’ve had for several years.
What exactly is being looked for in a steroid test? I assume if my testosterone levels are higher than my androgel dosage, I’m busted? Can I run a maintenance dose of 200-300 mg/wk? The testing is somewhere in the next month or so.

I’m applying for a position with a large utility company and supposedly they test for steroids.
I have an interview on March 13th and if all goes as planned I will be scheduled for a full physical and bloodwork in the near future, a week to a month maybe? I may be able to reschedule once or twice maybe. I’ve stopped my cycle as of Saturday March 3rd . It’s all I can do! Any more input/help will REALLY be appreciated!
Thanks, Tim

Most will test for a ratio Test/Est
IOC tests for specific Metabolites from those substances.

Most will test for a ratio Test/Est
IOC tests for specific Metabolites from those substances.

[quote]DieselD wrote:

This is a pre-employment test, I find it hard to believe they go to too much effort looking for steroids!!!