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Can I Bench 3 Days/Week to Increase Bench Strength?


Smolov Jr is 4x a week and was magic to get me from 205 (where I was stuck at for 2 years) to 235 in like 6 weeks


You haven’t been training long enough to know whether you have a weak bench. Post of a video if possible, because it will show technical errors. They can account for a lot of apparent weakness.


My form is right I meant weak vs my body weight. For example I weight 220 my 1 rep max is 215. The standard of strength for bench is 1.5 x bodyweight.


How do you know your technique is good? Post a video.


Says who?


I’m surrounded by around 200 very fit people and probably 10% of these people can hit that arbitrary amount. Not sure where people pluck these numbers from.


Some YouTube fitness guy from athlean x i think


Dude doesn’t know shit.

There isn’t really an arbitrary number at which any lift is good. Yes, sometimes a 1.5xbodyweight bench is good. For example, a 308 lbs dude benching 462 lbs. Sometimes it isn’t, like a 220 lbs dude benching 330 lbs. Then it’s maybe just kind of OK.

I’ve always figured anyone above 198 lbs should bench at least 300 lbs just to have a not-shit bench. Get to 350 lbs and then it’s starting to look ok, get to 400 lbs and it’s good.

You get a bigger bench by benching better and improving your technique. You’re right, your bench isn’t good. It should be higher. It’s probably lower than it could be because your technique isn’t very good. Second, it probably isn’t bigger because your back isn’t bigger and stronger and that applies to your chest, arms and shoulders too.

Post a video. Then we can help you more.


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Thanks for making me feel bad man.

I identify as a SHW and only got a two plate bench


Thanks for the up @RampantBadger

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The steroid cycle 6 years ago I did was me being a stupid 19 year old lying my ass off during my first and only steroid cycle ever. I mentioned that before here.


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