Can I Add Propecia to Testosterone and Anastrozole?

I have gotten mixed responses to this. I am beginning Test Cypionate and am on Anastrozole to keep the estrogen in check.

I asked my primary dr if adding propecia would be ok and she says it doesn’t make sense and wouldn’t be effective. I went for a hair transplant a year ago and the hair is coming in nicely. The hair transplant surgeon said taking propecia with trt is fine and will protect future hair loss from the T.

Does anyone else take propecia with trt and what have you noticed?

Dont mess with DHT blockers, this is poison that can cripple you for life. Let the fuckin hair go

Anastrozole causes hair loss, but propecia well can ruin your life forever causing physical, sexual, as well as neurological symptoms that continue long after the propecia is stopped.

Blocking the 5- alpha-reductase enzymes is ill advised because there is always a downside to blocking hormones. There was a guy a couple of months ago who was also on anastrozole and propecia was used to combat the hair loss and the propecia had no effect.

Court let Merck hide secrets about baldness drug’s risks

Atypical post-finasteride syndrome: A pharmacological riddle

Postmarketing surveillance has reported finasteride to be associated with breast tenderness and enlargement and even male breast cancer; depression; hypersensitivity reactions including rash, pruritus, urticaria, and swelling of the lips; and testicular pain.

The Post-Finasteride Syndrome is a serious state of permanent sexual, mental, and physical side effects which do not resolve after quitting the drug. Most often, it is accompanied by an acquired form of secondary hypogonadism and post-drug loss of androgenic action, which remains highly resistant to hormonal PFS treatment. This is aimed at restoring Testosterone/DHT’s effects in the male body to pre-drug virility levels.

It is also surmised by the few specialists in the medical field that a type of receptor or “brain damage” has occurred. As often seen with such damage, recovery is very slow or now questioned whether possible at all. Needless to say, men suffering from PFS are plagued with any physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that have led to long term depression, marital problems and divorce, and now several reports cases of suicide.

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For the love of god don’t touch propecia or avodart. Please.


Pretty overwhelming NO on propecia I’d say. I think I’ll forget about propecia and focus on the TRT

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There’s also a hell of a lot of potential downstream effects that stem from blocking the conversion of T->E

On TRT the thought of using an ai to me (absent of significant hepatic dysfunction or high bf%… in which case lose weight) is preposterous. If you were on a gram of test then sure… but you’re probably on 75-250mg (very wide variation between person to person as to what constitutes an optimal dose, I’d say this is the dose range that’d be between 2SD of the norm) and using an AI for that is… nonsensical


Went to a TRT clinic recently. She put me on .50 Anastrozole once per week to go with T Cypionate 100mg once per week. My estradiol was 38 and the range went up to 42 I believe. She said this should reduce the slight gynecomastia that I’ve had.

I took the first .50 an Anastrozole before starting the T. Wishing 2days maybe, I had a harder erection and felt some sensitivity which I’ve been without.

Fair enough, but what’s you’re bf% to begin with? How about lifestyle? Particularly, do you drink frequently or smoke cannabis regularly?

Processed food intake (haaa I’m such a hypocrite, been eating fast food almost all the time as it’s all I can afford lol)

Is it, or was it, gyno, or mastalgia?

I have known a few guys who screwed up their testosterone with Propecia. They had hair, but in the tank test levels and were fat, with ED and poor libido. TRT did not overcome that for guys that refused to discontinue Propecia. That nice head of hair isn’t much good for the girl you get with it if they are interested in doing something besides look at you. Some, after long term Propecia use, did not recover even with stopping it and adding TRT.

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All of my issues started after using propecia then avodart. I was one of the ones saying it’s safe, I didn’t have any side effects, etc.

I do have awesome hair but I’d shave it today to go back to how I was before

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I don’t drink. I may have have a glass of wine once every 4-6months. I don’t smoke and never have. I may have processed food twice a week. But all this started in my mid 20’s. I had low libido and I remember having more interest in watching a good movie than having sex with my gf at the time. She was attractive, we had a great relationship but she would point out that I didn’t seem to be in the mood much. I can’t begin to tell you why. And I don’t have a gay bone in my body, lol.

I saw an internist at some point who put me on testosterone cypionate just to see what would happen and it was like a light switch. I wanted sex, my erections were so much better and more frequent, like they were at like 17 or so. I think it was 100mg per week, possibly less.

At that time I was running everyday, numerous trails, played baseball, went to the gym, healthy lifestyle, great diet, etc.

When I think about it…it feels like my T or whatever is responsible for libido, sensitivity has just slowly but surely lessened since my 20’s. That’s as honest as I can put it.

And when I start Testosterone shots, it’s like a light switch…I wanna have sex, strong erections, looking at or thinking about women get me hard and that just feels normal to me.

Take testosterone, lift heavy and shave. You will save time and money from haircuts as well

I already had some balding pre TRT. I still have enough hair to be able to maintain it, even improved with some organic shampoo. But now that I started TRT I expect to loose a lot of hair. Guess what? This is the last thing a give a crap about. Women care about your behavior, dick and looks in that order and the last thing they will judge you about is your hair

Fair enough, the reason I asked was due to the high amounts phytoestrogens present in beer. Gynecomastia is also heavily present within heavy cannabis users, the relationship is too frequent to be coincidental

Cannabis use is known to increase circulating concentrations of cortisol, decrease test, LH and perhaps even sperm count… decreases release of TSH etc

Hence why I was wondering

Other meds can induce a hypogonadal state, but I think we are past that here. What are you’re labs prior to TRT?

I was just looking at some old labs. At one point when not taking T replacement, T was 404ng/dl (262-1593). He didn’t take LH, FSH etc at that time. But I remember him telling me that the 404 was normal for a 35yr old. I asked him what the normal range was for guys my age. He told me he’s seen 350 or so and highs of around 600 or so for guys not on TRT. That particular Dr said he’d never consider giving me T with that number. And I did have the lack of sensitivity and reduced erections at that time. He said he didn’t understand why. The only supplements I was taking was D for low D.

The only anxiety I’ve had in my life has been when in crowds. If there a lot of people around me then I get anxiety. Other than that I’m fine. When I was in my mid thirties, the dr gave me Xanax to take when in a crowded situation and it worked well. Never abused it, as I don’t like the idea of taking meds. And yes, the low libido, erection issues were before the Xanax…and after…and I stopped taking Xanax about a year after starting it. And I’m 45 now.

I do take Hydroxyzine (which is an antihistamine and I only take one if I’m going to an even where I anticipate a crowded situation. I’ve researched it and it’s a mild med to take. I’ve experience no further or worsening libido - erection issues while taking it. I have propranolol on hand which is a beta blocker for an as needed basis only for the same issue. And I take a D 1000 iu supplement everyday. And that’s all I take.

I take new labs in January to see where I’m at.