Can I Add BA After Solution is Cooked?

I have a bunch of primoteston rediject from my Doc, but I dont want to inject once a week I want to inject twice a week.

So I need to transfer from rediject into a vial, but I have noticed the only ingredients are castor oil, BB and test. I dont want to leave the vial sitting around for weeks and risk an infection.

So I was considering transferring to a vial, then adding BA myself, but I am not sure if it will mix or if it has to be done in the cooking process?

Im not really a fan of front loading a syringe and leaving it for a few days till my next injection. I want to be as sterile and safe as possible.


Yes you can add BA to it. The only problem is that you will weaken the dosage a bit. I am not sure how much you have but, I would use less than one ml But you need to run it through a filter. .2 mls should hold that for a while .

Excellent, thanks.

I dont mind about weakening the dose, I would rather have a slightly lower dose and be safer with sterility.

I have at the moment one vial with 2ml in it, but I have about 12 rediject so 12ml to go into vials.

With the 2ml already in the vial, I was going to filter it into a new vial and add BA to it.

With the rediject pens I Have, I was just going to transfer straight to a vial and add BA to it, as the redijects are sterile?

Do you know how much liquid you lose to the dead space in the .22 filters?

I have always put aside 3 mls to get all the hormones out of the filters! If I remember correctly, because it has bin some time since I’ve done that ! I use 13mm. I’m almost positive it’s about .3 mls counting the pin. The rediject is sterile! Use a sterile vial! Sterile all serfases of course! I have always pored BA in a clean bowl, and withdrew a ml, and then filter it in the vials. Just remember to shake it good after your done! I hope this helps you.

So maybe instead of filtering all the rediject through a .22 filter I should just transfer redijects into a vial, then add BA.

If I was to lose 3ml of oil to the filter, thatd suck.


No you will not lose three mils of oil. At the very most you would lose .3 mls. That is basically next to nothing. I meant when I brew, I put aside three mils of oil instead of adding it right away. That’s to make sure I get all the hormone out of the filter and I lose nothing. It has been a while , Since I’ve done what you were doing. So when I add BA or BB to something already done, I pour into a bowl , withdraw it, put the filter on, then filter what I need so I know exactly what I’m putting in to the vile . Very sorry if I confused you. All you have to do, is filter some BA into the vail that has the rediject , Shake it really good to make sure It mixes up real good, and you should be good to go!

Absolutely no need to add BA, if you gear was filtered properly into a sterile vial(medical grade test you should be totally fine).
Bill Roberts, Steroid guru never uses BA in his home brew, and no infections. I have been brewing my own without BA, for 3 years and no issues so far. I have filtered stuff without BA and not used it for a year or more, sitting on a shelf and still no infections.

That is good news to know! Less money I need to spend on my home brewing! Because I always buy in bulk. I read that it keeps everything sterile for long periods of time. I still have a half gallon of the stuff!