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Can I Actually Look Different on TRT?

It’s probably in my head but when I look at myself in pictures, on TRT vs off, I look more confident in my face and my stature. TRT can’t change physical presence can it?

Per chance higher testosterone impacts micro facial expressions and body language and you physically and behaviourally have a more “masculine presence”.

You know yourself better than others, so I don’t think it’s just in your head.

This is 100% real. I look way different then when I started trt 4 years ago. I had extremely low t from pain med use after being injured on deployment. After getting my test levels up I started noticing changes. I saw an old pic of myself on my wife’s phone and it shocked me how different I looked.

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Women can sense men with high testosterone, so it’s not in your head.

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Ya it will create changes, but its nothing u can pinpoint, just small changes which people will “notice” but they wont be able to explain why.

When Im on high doses women flock to me, by the way. And men show way more “respect” and they notice you alot.

Testosterone is closely linked to being an “alpha male” in nature, winning competitions etc, so ofcourse humans are aswell aware of it, albeit subconsiously.

Yeah, I don’t get quite that feeling that I’m attracting more people. Maybe it’s because I’m married.

Nevertheless, this is what makes me nervous to come off TRT, which I’m considering. I’m 40 and I can’t imagine me doing this the rest of my life.

Yes you can look very different. TRT will ensure that fat is burned and muscle is gained. Work out and you can achieve the Instagram look. Im not the same guy from a year ago. Everyone can see the change. My goals are to be as lean as possible with good definition. Not into bulking anymore

Im 45 and I cant imagine myself
NOT doing it for the rest of my life. I think some guys are simply not dosing high enough to know their limits, and adjust down for longevity. Not enough T is very common, I was there too. Im running at 1200 total most of the time. Physical changes are more dramatic.

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Why would u want to stop?

Yes T is a sex hormone. When you go through puberty you morph into a man due to the T (I believe DHT plays a big role during puberty).

Men on T are definitely more confident and more manly period. This is a hormone that gives us our manly characteristic and drive in a sense.

Stopping makes zero sense. This is the closest thing to fountain of youth anyone has found and it’s damn good.

Most folks think TRT is about muscles and looking good. What they don’t realize is that T gives us life. Makes us feel good. Healthy. Confident. Drive and so much more. It’s what makes a man manly.

T is cardio protective. These hormones protect , repair; support, stabilize functions and organs in the body.

Guys with low t regularly have diabetes, blood pressure issues, depression, ED, fragile bones, heart attacks and so much more.

The environment is full of toxins. From food to air and pharmaceuticals. Low t is turning into an epidemic due to this. Most of the men out there have less T than their ancestors and recent relatives. This is found I studied and simple comparisons.

My father for example is 75. He has more T then 20 year olds I’ve met. 500 to 600 total and 15 free t. I hear people around the internet telling guys they are normal at 15 and 25 years old. It’s mind boggling.

You should grasp the reality behind this hormone and what it does for your health. It’s not about looks or libido. Those are just positives that come along with TRT.

Sure or sucks being on this for life, but I don’t ever want to have low t and dysfunctional thyroid ever again. I’ll just pray to my Creator that he keeps me supplied with what I need to be a sane man.

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Of course you can look different on TRT, especially if you were truly deficient prior to. I don’t know about appearing more confident in pics, that’s difficult to measure. Unless by confident you mean jacked and tanned, and juicy as fuck.

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Whats your protocal out of interest?

210mg/wk. I cycle 800iu/wk HCG for 3 months and then off for 3 months. It doesnt matter if you’re married or not. Women being attracted to me had been a problem for about 10 years. I just never made women trip over me. Now its different. Women have noticed, and ultra fit guys think Im one of the guys when I meet people through work. It has been an interesting thing when talking to women, and Im asked to remove my mask for a moment just so that they can see my face. Body is one thing, but women love a chiseled manly face. My cheeks have narrowed inward and my jawline is stronger.
Being away due to quarantine, I finally saw my friend after a year, and she said I looked like a ripped pitbull with nice hair, and awesome beard. Im sure there was a compliment in there. People will notice, but you have to increase your levels steadily, work out, eat right, and sleep enough. Awesomeness will ensue.

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I am concerned about my jaw line. Is this manly enough?


Very true I’ve had similar. I got married a year after starting TRT and she loved the mental positives like confidence and physical attributes like a lean body and definitely the face.

T is a great benefit to men. Too bad more men don’t think about it and too bad doctors don’t want men to be their best selves with optimal levels.

It’s like they are haters and don’t even know it.

That guy in that picture is hell of a photoshopped bad ass. I saw a video more played more dates made in him. They took the guy wjth some nice genetics and photoshopped his ass to perfection haha.

Imagine now woman hope to find a man that looks like that. Just like men who see the photoshop girls.

You inject 1x a week?


When do I get these alpha perks of TRT?

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