Can HRT Cause Feelings of Depression?

Been feeling a little depressed, wondered if my estro was possible cause?

Yes it’s possible. What’s your regimen for TRT? Labs?

Absolutely, that is one strong possibility.

When I went on TRT I was a mess. This was because Estrogen was not being properly controlled. I would have days where I felt great, then days where I was a huge drama queen. It was terrible, and uncontrollable. I went to my doctor with this complaint and it was taken care of quickly.

We had to play with dosing on Adex, but when we got it right, I was a new man (or a man again). Make sure you have a qualified doctor for TRT, there are too many out there that have no idea what they are doing. Having hormones out of whack can MASSIVELY effect your mood, as you are probably experiencing. Its no joke! Good luck!