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Can High E2 Cause Social Anxiety?

Hi all,

For a long time, I’ve been facing social anxiety and awkwardness symptoms. I’ll just break down the symptoms I face:


. Mild anxiety when walking in crowds or crowded places.
. Mild anxiety when making simple small talk.
. Inability to maintain the flow of conversation at times.
. Difficulty in maintaining prolonged eye contact.

There have been times where my anxiety just vanished completely. I will again just make a breakdown of moments in my life when this was the case.

Year 2017:

I took a 15mg Zinc Gluconate supplement before bed and within 2-3 days, my social anxiety and anxiety in general vanished completely. My voice was deeper and louder, I felt dominant and I felt soo good. As a matter of fact, I felt soo good that I could not feel down and de-motivated regardless of how tense a situation was.

However, much to my surprise and disappointment within 5-7 days, I returned to my former anxious self even though I was taking the supplement daily.

What changes could the Zinc have made in those few days ?

Could it be that it lowered my Estradiol ?

Can high estradiol cause social anxiety ?

Year 2018:

I took a multi-vitamin which included all key vitamins and minerals for men. Once again, after two days I noticed a big difference. My morning erections returned, my voice was deeper and louder, my anxiety reduced significantly and my energy was good.

However, just like before for some odd reason within a week, the energy and vigour went away even though I take the supplement daily.

I’m really confused what the problem could be because I get regular strong morning erections. I don’t have any issues with that since taking the multi-vitamin for men but my anxiety and awkwardness remains.

Please help me guys. I just don’t know what the issue could be and due to family circumstances I can’t get bloodwork. I really wish I could get bloodwork and I know there’s no excuse but my personal situation is different.

Please note I’m not on TRT but couldn’t find the appropriate forum to post my concerns.

I appreciate the help.

The ONLY way you can help yourself is to get your blood work done mate. At the moment you are just speculating. However, you might be right I have had the exact same experience as you. I’ve only been on trt 5 weeks but I’m already feeling a lot better. Get your blood work done

High estrogen would cause my senses to become overwhelmed, loud noises spook me easily and put my moods into a state of anxiety turned into aggressiveness.

It may just force you out of social situations.

I have social anxiety/phobia and I notice it gets better when my estrogen runs a little high. When my estrogen gets too low then it becomes 10x worse.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

When you say your social anxiety/phobia gets better when your “estrogen runs a little high”, do you mean when it over your sweet spot or in balance ?

I’ve did some research and found out that estrogen is linked with serotonin production i.e low estrogen = low serotonin and high estrogen = high serotonin. Both can cause anxiety and other mental issues.

That could explain our situation.

I mean when my estrogen is in my sweet spot or even higher than the sweet spot - I feel fine when it comes to social anxiety. I can tell my estrogen is lowering below my sweet spot when social anxiety starts creeping up.

In the past I took SSRIs (I don’t take it anymore) for social anxiety and now that I found that link between it and estrogen, when my estrogen rises again after becoming too low, I feel like I’ve popped a SSRI pill and get the social anxiety out of the way, just by letting estrogen go up. Estrogen in the sweet range or even higher has the same effect as SSRIs for me.

I’m really happy for you man. I hope it continues to go well.

For the past 3-4 days I’ve taken Zinc Picolinate 50mg before bed.

My social anxiety issues have almost gone away !

I’m hoping it stays like this but I’m aware Zinc at high doses can be a potent aromotase inhibitor and so maybe my serotonin was too high all along.

I’ll try to monitor the situation but I’m delighted that atleast there is something out there that has helped very noticeably.

One last question.

Was you still getting morning wood when your E2 was low and when it was higher than the sweetspot ?

The strange thing is that even when I got regular strong morning wood, the anxiety was there.

Once again, appreciate your help.

I usually don’t get morning wood when E2 is low, but sometimes it happens. When it does, usually it’s not very hard and goes away quickly, and the erection not linked with sexual desire. Ie. the morning wood on low E2 doesn’t make me want to have sex, unlike morning wood on normal/higher E2.

Just to make it clear: when I say higher E2, I mean “a little higher than optimal range”. Too much higher and it also brings me erection, libido and emotional issues, and kills my morning wood.

Im also sailing in the same boat as you man. I tried all the best supplements to reduce my estrogen and they hardly helped. My estradiol level is 38 which is very high and there is a strong possibility that it is responsible for my social anxiety. I have bought letrozole as its the best way to control estrogen and its also extremely cheap. I will be trying it very soon but will be on extremely low doses and if it works i will be on it for a lifetime as i dont need trt as my test levels are high. The biggest challenge would be to find that sweet spot for the dose because if i get it too low then it will be counterproductive. Will let you know how it goes.

I have zero experience with Letrozole but having experienced crashed E2 from Anastrozole in small amounts I would definitely recommend starting with a dose that is much smaller than you think you should take. Working your way up is easy. Doing too much and crashing is a horrible experience. That said I don’t think taking an AI is what you need to do and it’s likely not going to make you feel the way you are thinking it is. In my case what I thought was high E2 symptoms turned out to be iron deficiency anemia and my E2 was 48 at the time. It’s now 77 and I feel amazing (granted my T is pretty high as well). (Edit for wording) I like the 15-25:1 theory where there is15-25 of T for every 1 of E2. Granted it’s probably bro science but it’s better than shooting for an E2 of 20-something.

Hella bro science! Your talking about having e levels of 150-250 if your TT is 1000. Bro buy me a bra and some tissues for my tears if my E even gets close to that.

Ratio of 15-25 Testosterone for every 1 of E2. I think I’ve bought you enough bras for now. Wear the red one tonight. I’ll be by shortly