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Can High DHT Cause Premature Ejaculation?

any data on this? my DHT is abnormally high at 1.50 (top limit 1.00) and my dick is still insanely sensitive and I cum during seconds in a blowjob and im 30. Can it be due the high DHT?

You sure the person fellating you isn’t just really really good at what they are doing?


yup but the thing is i also reach point of no return, or involuntary kegels, fast when masturbating alone… i’ve always had this problem since i was a kid, so with a hot girl blowing ur dick it’s a nightmare, i dont understand how in porn there’s dudes getting quadruple blowjobs and not cumming, what the hell are they using? tried cialis and all i got was a headache, viagra was a bit better but in terms of lasting longer it doesnt really do anything, tried priligy at 30 and 60mg doses, gives me an extra couple of seconds at best

my last chance is fortacin spray to numb it, i think my dick is abnormally sensitive

Jeez sometimes I wish I had this problem.

Have you tried jacking it before sex? Like shoot one off then hop in bed?


Just have a picture of someone ugly in your head, who you know and pretend it’s them then turn it around ! Lol

Maybe God just intended for you to be a 2 pump chump?


whats the point? after cumming i feel like being lazy on the computer rather than booking an escort

So really the problem is you feel your not getting your money’s worth out of your whores because you can’t hold your nut past two slurps and a twirl.

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Do you practice kegal exercises? Having strong pelvic floor muscles will give you more control (and supposedly if they’re strong enough you can tense them continuously throughout orgasm, stopping ejaculation and allowing you to go again and again), however I’m not sure how much I buy into this, I’ve never tried it, nor would I as I imagine the orgasms would be mildly uncomfortable and not as intense.

As to jerking off

  • edging
  • variation of strokes
  • different grips
  • not using lube (if you’re circumcised like me, the absence of lube sometimes makes things painful and less pleasurable), certain types of pain may speed things up for some… but (typically) not this type of pain.

Add lexipro into your diet lol. I went from lasting a “normal” time to giving up even trying to finish. Finally off that and hoping I return back to normal.

yes, i can edge for hours, however this is useless in a real life situation as you cant instant EXACTLY on the right moment all stimulation, once you get near point of no return inside her its over

the problem is i reach the PONR too quick, i think its due sightly short frenulum causting constant stimulation + high nerve density + high androgens causing me to be a horn ass teen at 30 + probably fucked up dopamin /serotonin/adrenalin from past experiences

the kegels thing is a meme. my PC muscle is stronge enough to cause retrograde ejaculation (I can press so hard that I can stop the cum and it goes i guess back into the blader or something which is unhealthy).

i will try fortacin spray before i give up

i already tried priligy which is an SSRI designed to last longer… did not really delay that much the first involuntary kegels

Woah, so you can actually strengthen it to this point? Does it eliminate the refractory period? Is an orgasm this way still pleasurable

What… Routine did you use to get this strong

Furthermore you mention a short frenulum. Do you have pain during sexual intercourse? Either way if you suspect you have a problem with the tightness of you’re frenulum I suggest seeing a medical professional as an untreated case of frenulum breve can cause tearing of the frenulum during intercourse.

Can you not pull out before the point of no return, cool off and go back? I haven’t had sex in… God damn nearly four fucking YEARS so I’m not an expert on intercourse, I do however have a mediocre knowledge of anatomy.

If you’re hiring an escort (not that I’d know…) Some allow multiple… Shots (at least here in Aus where prostitution is legal and regulated), is that not a thing there. Go for round one, wait thirty mins, go for another round, wait an hour, round three etc

If I was a woman and a I could make a dude come three times in one session i’d feel pretty confident in myself and my skills in bed.

Put some vicks vapor rub on your dong before sex. It will numb it right up and make her coochie feel like the Alaskan wilderness.

Win win situation


Wait so prostitution is legal where you live and it’s still been 4 years? Are you trying to be celibate?

God dam if I go a few days without getting laid I get in moods.

I’ve had this problem any many other people also do. It’s good that you are looking for a way to solve this.

8 months ago I went under circumstition. Mine foreskin was little too long and that could make me more sensitive. There’s a study for men with PM and circumstition helped them a lot.

Then I found a stable woman. I’ve had a lot of girls, but this is first time I have a relationship so it’s not that uncommon to have sex anymore.

Yup, and I started my cycle. Tren A, low test Prop, Prami to lower my prolactin (really minimal dose, but I should go higher). Prami may be responsible because it has something to do with D3 receptors in brain. Also my girlfriend is responsible because we could have sex few times per week.

Then I started to have different problem. It took me too long to cum, even when masturbating.

it does not do much for refractory period… you cum, just backwards, not healthy. never used any routine, i never do this anymore anyway, im not sure if i could still do it, i stoppped doing that because its pretty pointless

the frenulum is not bad enough to go to the doctor and get surgery… fuck that, i havent had problems of tearing, i would love a couple extra cm tho… i stretch it on the shower everyday but its pretty fucking stubborn to stretch that skin for some reason. i jsut dont want any nasty ass scars on my d

im going to buy fortacin spray and numb the shit out of the frenulum and we’ll see what happens, i’ll test with porn

escorts yes, they allow multiple cums the decent ones at least, but you pay 150€, you cum in 1 minute of blowjob and you are supposed to wait 30 minute doing what? lmao. its a fucking annoyance. i just want to last longer… my problem is a real one, women are annoyed that i cum THIS FAST so am i.

next sesion if the fortacin works, i will do a combo of 30mg of priligy + 25 mg of viagra + fortacin spray applyed on the train station bathroom 5 minute before i meet a escort, that’s as much as i can do i think.

its been fucking ages for me too because of this problem. all in on the fooking spray now.

cutting your foreskin to last longer is insanely over the top… i would rather use numbing spray like the one i want to buy, even if annoying as fuck since you must find a way to apply it 5 mintue before sex then take a shower, its still better than a fooking circumcision. i still enjoy edging with porn and i want to test the vr glasses and i would lose sensitivity if i got a circmucision… no way

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PE wasn’t the only reason I did circumcision. I was irritated by how long my foreskin is. Doctor said it is fine, I had no complications so I had to pay the whole surgery. But it was worth it. You decrease the risk of getting infected by a virus (like HIV) by 2/3. It looks better, feels better, is not hygienic and clean. You last longer and when you do, the quality of orgasm is also better. Your penis, your choice.
If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t do.

Paying for sexual intercourse is rather costly (say 3-400$ for 1hr) sometimes more.

Well that’s not particularly costly in itself, but there’s other expenses that come first

  • gas/petrol (not cheap here)
  • vacations (just spent a TON to go to Canada)
  • food for when I eat at restaurants or… fast food chains
  • other events (concerts, movie tickets)
  • music CD’s for my car
  • Vanity related items

a few more things comes too mind but you get my jist

I’m 18, thus the concept of an escort only really came into fruition recently. Was sexually active at a somewhat younger than average age, upon moving countries came with it a drought not seen since the dust bowl in 1933.