Can HGH Be Made Topical?

For use in healing could HGH injections be made topical?

Why would you want to. Its still systemic and helps heal and regenerate

Would a topical treatment not work better for a skin injury? I thought an injection would take time to work as opposed to a topical delivery right on the injured skin.

Not in my experience. I was on HGH after my shoulder surgery and my wounds healed incredibly fast. The doctor was shocked but, of course, it was my little secret.

Ah, but, you were already on it right?

What if someonene has a scar and has it resurfaced or gets a bad burn and wants to avoid scars would topical not be better? Especially if the goal is just a better skin aesthetic.

I was thinking from a cosmetic point if view if there would be a benefit to having a laser procedure be it facial rejuvenation or scar revision if a topical application would be if benefit. Especially if you do not plan to be in HGH long term just the immediate benefit.

Well, HGH is in micronized powder form and is reconstituted for injection. You would have to figure out a way to get it in a transdermal carrier. 91% isopropyl alcohol is transdermal. You could try that but if it didnt work, it would be a very expensive experiment.

For a burn you would use A silver based topical cream, like Silvadene. Expensive, but it works. I have zero scars and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns to half of my face and most of one arm.