Can HGH Be Injected 3x per Week?

Back in the anabolex board there were quite a few people who believed hgh could be injected 3 x a week. Never heard more of that.
Any truth or logic to that? I personally would hate to inject every day on top of my trt and blasts

Found a study showing it was better to inject 3x a week:

Here’s the evidence:
In 1994, a Korean study looked at 28 patients over a 12-month period. All participants selected for the study were adults with human growth hormone deficiency. Each subject had been diagnosed after 20-years of age. The study separated the participants into three groups:

  • Group 1: They were given HGH Injections 3-days per week.
  • Group 2: They were given HGH Injections 7-days per week.
  • Group 3: This group was given a placebo.

The dosages given to the two non-placebo groups were as follows:

  • Group 1 / 3-Day: 0.18 units/kg/week. (Approx. 4 IU per Injection).
  • Group 2 / 7-Day: 0,42 units/kg/week. (Approx. 4 IU per injection).

Blood exams were taken frequently to monitor HGH levels, lipids, and other biomarkers. The results of the study were surprising, as in many biometrics tracked, the 3-day HGH injection group saw more benefit. The key results break out as follows:

Weight: In all three groups, the body weight remained virtually the same.

Lean Body Mass: The 3-day HGH injection group added 2.8kg of lean muscle mass. The 7-day HGH injection group added 2.9kg of lean muscle mass. Not a significant difference.

Body Fat Reduction: The 3-Day HGH Injection group saw a 1.5% reduction in body fat, while the 7-day HGH injection group saw 2.8% reduction in body fat. This seems to be the one metric where injecting HGH 7-days per week benefits you over injection 3-days per week. See discussion below.

Lean Thigh Mass: The 3-day HGH injection group saw more increased muscle mass in their thighs, while both the 7-day HGH injection group and the placebo group saw no measurable increase. For men, this may be of interest, since larger thigh muscle mass is often associated with higher serum testosterone levels.

Exercise Capacity: The 3-day HGH Injection group saw increased exercise capacity over the 7-day HGH injection group and the placebo group.

Bone Mineral Density: No group saw an increase in bone mineral density. However, since the study was a relatively short 12-month study, it’s not significant. HGH use has been shown to increase bone mineral density in other studies of longer length and with 191AA HGH.

Cholesterol / Lipid Profiles: None of the groups saw any significant improvement in cholesterol and other lipids. However, this study was done in Korea using the Korean population. Their diet is much different than the Standard American Diet (SAD), and other western culture diets, so more than likely their cholesterol levels and lipids were already relatively good, so not a lot of improvement could be made anyway.

Discussion on HGH Injection Frequency and Dosage

As the 1994 study shows us, when it comes to HGH injections, more is not necessarily better. In fact, it may impede athletic performance. Although more investigation is required, it is possible that too high a dose too frequently injection may produce a limited amount of HGH resistance. It’s very natural for the body to block high levels of any physiological event. We know this from a growing number of insulin-resistant pre-diabetes epidemic we now see unfolding in modern society due to frequent over-feeding, creating high levels of hyperinsulinemia.

The one major difference between the two groups was in body fat reduction. The 7-dau HGH injection group saw 2.8% decrease in body fat, whereby the 3-day HGH injection group only saw a 1.5% reduction. Besides this difference, those on a limited budget may find injecting HGH 3 – 4 days a week will save you money and will save you money. For those concerned about the fat loss component, you can work with one of our practitioners on the HCG Diet or HCG Fast Diet program.

DOWNLOAD STUDY [[PDF Thrice Weekly HGH Study]


Interesting. I’ve been following a protocol on tnation from a few years ago by a guy named BBB, he recommends using HGH in a pulsatile fashion to mimick puberty. Although on this protocl you would use the same amount of HGH as 7-days a week but in higher doses on less days.


How has this worked for you? I’m just starting the same protocol. 22iu spaced out mon/wed/fri. I’m on second week.

It worked well but then i ran out of cash.


I’m actually a few weeks into this and can’t complain.

Any updates on how it went?

It went well in terms of achieving my goals during a growing phase. I did notice that my blood glucose level got pretty high on this protocol. I have pretty much been using 5 on 2 off or 7 on after I got blood back to where it should be and never had that issue again. I have also dropped my dosage per day to 2iu and 4iu if i’m trying to grow. I really don’t think you need much more than that.