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Can HCG Raise Prolactin?

Hello currently on 140 mg Testosterone Enathate a week split into 2 shots every 84 hours, HCG 250 IUs with every shot and 0.05 mg of arimidex (get this microdose by mixing it with vodka), everything is going good E2 is on point also 30 pg/ml, total T 9.0 ng/ml, Thing is My prolactin came back at 15.66 ng/ml (last time back in april it was 10.64 ng/ml and previous months was around 8 ng/ml), reference range on this lab is 2.58 - 18.12 ng/ml, now i´m only using testosterone not using any other compound such as nandrolone or trenbolone; so i was just wondering if HCG might be the reason for prolactin to be on the higher side of the normal range, i think the last 3 or 4 shots i upped the dose to around 330 IUs

No but this will raise your prolactin your E2 as well.

Hello, thanks but as i mentioned before E2 are on point, Prolactin is not over the normal high end but still i´d like it a bit lower on the 10 ng mark
140 mg of testosterone enanthate a week is not a high dose IMO.

Prolactin secretion in the human male is increased by endogenous oestrogens

Hey thanks Systemlord, but what should i do If E2 are on point 31 Pg, they were higher tho on april they were at 66 pg lowering the dose of T per week i got them down.

Why? Isn’t enathate OK for 2 shots with its half life, provided you do not have very low SHBG? I friend of mine just started with Defy and was prescribed 2 x 90mg per week enathate with 2x 400 UI HCG

I’ve somewhere heard opinions that HCG can raise prolactine and I’m also worried about this since I’d like to use HCG when I start TRT and my prolactine is at the high end now and I’m taking cabergoline

Hey, yes, SHBG usually on the lower end, never past 22 nmmol/L, ref range 13.5-71.40 nmol/L

But first you´ll have to find out what is causing high prolactin.

I did NMR, no tumor