Can HCG Increase SHBG?

Hi, sorry for the frequent posts but I couldn’t find an answer to this when I searched through google. Can HCG increase SHBG? the reason I’m asking is I don’t want to have to adjust my protocol . I’m adding HCG in the hopes of boosting my Libido.

Incase anyones wondering my current protocol is 40mg EOD No AI and 25mg of DHEA daily, E2 = 28pg/ml. My SHBG is usually around 16-20 (ref. range 13-50)

I Believe so through the pregnenolone back pathways so i have heard, don’t quote me on that though Brother. i think Systemlord know’s much more on this" than me. I did hear it did increase SHBG, but not by a significant amount. Like said still unsure man.

Hey man, thanks for the reply. Will keep that in mind

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Estrogen can increase SHBG, but not substantially, thyroid medication will increase SHBG. Older men eating low protein and high amount of vegetables will see an increase in SHBG, however it is not very healthy.

Lifting weights will momentarily increase your SHBG of few points, that’s why it’s important not to run SHBG test within 24 hours of work out.

Intresting, so my SHBG could be lower than it actually is…Do you think running HCG will increase my sex drive ?

Maybe, maybe not. What it will do is keep your testes functioning at a healthier level than they are currently. And that’s a net positive no matter how you look at it.

Low libido while on TRT is kind of the opposite of what is supposed to happen. I’m betting that a large percentage of TRT patients initially sought out help almost entirely because of low libido. So for you to still have that while on TRT is troubling. And your SHBG is low, but it’s not ridiculously low. For reference mine is 13 (14.55-92 ref range) and my libido is annoyingly high. So I guess my point is that we all react a little differently to this stuff and it’s about finding your sweet spot.

Very true, I was going to use nolvadex 10mg ED but I would rather use HCG since it’s just as available. What is your TRT dose, if i may ask? Alot of people with lower SHBG dont have a problem with sex drive which leads me to believe that it’s an estrogen being too high issue. I’m going to be trying proviron 25mg ED very soon just to see if my libido increases.

200mg/w split evenly.
TT 1,067
Free T 35
E2 32

For me these numbers mean “I feel great”. For someone else they may make them feel like crap. You need to go by feel sometimes.

hCG itself probably has little '‘direct’ effect.

But taking it might indirectly if you are prone to hCG causing T–>E2 inside the testes to become high, then elevated serum E2 is expected to increase SHBG. High doses of hCG or SERMs that cause high LH levels can do this. A few react that way even with smaller amounts of hCG.


Thank you for replying KSman, its just a very complicated process of trial and error I guess. I don’t think I’m prone to high T–E, when I was on 5000IU of HCG 1x per week (suggested by my doc), I took a blood test 3 weeks in; 48 hours after injection which my SHBG was about the same 15-20 and my Estrogen was only 39 pg/ml (would of expected it to be much higher).

I’m shocked, 200mg split up only gets you to 1,067 I’m assuming this is at trough right? How do you go about splitting up your dosages(EOD, E3D, etc.) ? I honestly feel like my joints are very weak and tired throughout the day but as soon as I get into my workout at the gym i’m fine.

That’s two days after an injection. I split E3D, mostly. Sometimes it goes out to a full four days between shots, and it makes no difference in how I feel.