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Can Gyno Start Later?

Last time i was on a cycle was april/may 2008, had a bad injury and couldnt train so just stopped. Ive always carried fat on my chest but nothing to serious. in the past 3 months ive just started noticing lumps around the nipple area, and the fat around my chest seems worse. Could this be gyno and would running letro be the best option? any feedback would be most helpfull. Thanks

Come on man. You gotta post more info that that.

How long were you on cycle? What did you use?

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was on the cycle for 3/4wks, using decca and sus. I havent used anything since and only started noticing that around the nipple area being lumpy. nipples feel more sensitve aswell. What would be the best thing to do?

Getting your hormones tested would be the best thing. Free test, E2, Prolactin etc.

would you have and advice on how to run letro?

[quote]BREAKIT wrote:
would you have and advice on how to run letro?[/quote]

There are instructions in the gyno sticky though some people here don’t agree with running more than 1mg Letro/day…

get test before you run the letro, are you fatter now?

yes body fat is alot higher, went thro a spell of not training properly, then once i got into things i dislocated my eldow, been told it could be fatty deposits but it does feel lumpy

can fatty deposits in the chest be mistaken for gyno?

I’ve had gyno, but was born with it, so can’t comment on what it felt like when it developed. My friend began a cycle (had a totally flat chest nipple wise) and front loaded sustanon and had some fake adex, he said after about a week his nipples felt sore like they had been rubbing on his top but we got rid of it with some of my nolvadex.

When my gyno flared up (when I was 17 before I trained and had more body fat say like I had a boozy weekend) my niplles would feel puffy, you’ll know when you’ve got gyno, my advice would be to start using clomid or nolvadex ed for 6 weeks, symptoms should subside then get tested, testing will take too long and it could get worse, most doctors won’t prescribe you an anti e, and will let the gyno develop then deal with it after. Gyno will feel like fibrous lumps, and if you have got it its probably going to get worse, your 4 weeks of deca and sust warrant PCT. Thats what I would do.

Did your “bad injury” involve a blow to the head or whiplash?