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Can Growth Hormone Cause Facial Changes on Low/Normal Doses?

I have never tried Tesamorelin. To be honest I did not see any results from having a 0 IGF-1 to an above mid scale so I no longer use these peptides. But my blood test proves the stuff I bought raised my IGF-1 from 0 to above mid scale and I kept it there for over a year.

Not sure how blshaw got so take for his Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 experiment, 1000 bucks OMG!. I have never paid more than 30 bucks a bottle for my Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 with DAC.
Hopefully I have erased enough .com info the forum mod will be happy with this picture.

Can’t say I’ve seen much in the way of desired results either. Hair and nails grow quickly, sleep maybe a little better, no fat loss or muscle gains. I just take because I feel like it’s good for me (in my 40’s). Trying actual HGH later this month tho, maybe there’s a big difference

I am with you. I just bought some UGL HGH and I had to stop the experiment the stuff was dirty and it left lumps under my skin that lasted 3-4 days. No redness, infection or pain just a lump.

So I think I am done with peptides sarms and UGL GH.
I’m going back to 500mg/w TE and will throw 20mg of Avanar on top. To combat the moon face I will be using anastrozole to hold my E2 in check. With a SHGB of 15 I can not let my free E2 go unchecked. I hope you will report on your GH experiments.

Tomorrow I draw blood for my doc who is helping me with non TRT issues. So Thursday morning I can start my Spring blast.


It was through Defy medical. Its expensive. I tried it twice for 4 months each time. IGF-1 for me is usually low 100s and stayed there.

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I stayed right where I was (low 100s) on MK-677. I think for me it is HGH or nothing. I doubt those other peptides would do much given my experience with MK.

Low Test, Low GH production but love lifting. Maybe I am cursed? TRT has solved the former. The latter is an expensive problem, and I am not sure how much it really makes a difference except at a high level.

I may make a log for it. I get enough thru my clinic for 2iu daily for 12 weeks at a time, or I can do 4iu for 6 weeks (fat loss), or 1iu for 12 weeks & save up extra for a 4-6iu blast one day down the road.

Ouch sorry to hear that. Defy can get really pricey with their drugs. My wife is prescribed Oxandrolone and they want like 5 bucks a pill and she is to take 2 a day year round.

I remember you mentioned somewhere recently you had an appointment to talk about GH at a very cheap price with your clinic.
Did you end up finding out whhether it was pharma GH, which brand, etc…?

I just got mine from the pharmacy and will inject tonight for the first time, I’ll update my thread in replacement, or one of the GH threads here.


Yeah, he said on the phone it was Zomacton, but I haven’t received it yet. Usually they’re quick about mailing stuff out in a day or two, but this is taking longer. I should contact them actually.

But yours they sent to the pharmacy? What brand is it? I’d much rather do that

Edit: oh yeah, they Rx 2iu daily in 12 week intervals.

Interesting, it’s the same for me, Zomacton (through a special program with the manufacturer directly where it’s $95 per 5mg vial instead of $300+).

My doc is starting me at 0.6iu/day first month, then 1.2iu/day 2nd month, then 1.8iu/day from there. Not complaining, it’s still legit pharma GH for a fraction of what it usually costs.

I get mine from a compounding pharmacy, they resell from the manufacturer.

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I’m guessing this is going to be the case with me. They work with several compounders that carry different brands.

Hope it works out for you

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Thanks man, just did my first injection. On such a small dose for now I don’t expect much but I’m not against building slowly to a decent dose, I’m in this for the long term.

I’ll let you guys know what comes out of it. Feeling pretty good with my TRT at 18mg/day right now, definitely the best I’ve felt in years and in some ways ever in my life, so I think I’m closing in on my sweet spot.

Gonna keep fine tuning all the bio-identical stuff (Preg + DHEA after GH) and see how good I can get this anti-aging/performance protocol.

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Figured I’d update this. They did send me Zomacton as well, I’m actually really surprised. I was expecting some compounded knock-off for the price I paid. Mine comes in 5mg vials, 6 vials to a box, so 90iu per box. I’m starting with 1iu nightly and will increase to 2iu at some point.

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That’s awesome. Same for me, 5ml vials. I think you got a better price than I did (I’m paying $100/vial) but I’m not complaining at that price for legit pharma GH.

Started 8 days ago now and will slowly build up to potentially 2iu/day depending what my IGF-1 levels look like, I don’t want to go too high since I plan on running this pretty much forever if it works even half as well as I’ve heard.

So far in the last couple of days I’ve had moments of feeling a really strong excitement and enthusiasm for life, the way I felt when I was in my early 20’s (early 40’s now).
I wonder how much of it is placebo since it’s only been 8 days, but who knows…

I also pushed myself during cardio and lifting way more than I usually do. Out of nowhere I suddenly had ridiculous mental energy. I almost wanted to yank the cables off the machines and throw the weights around. On the bike I was pedaling like I was trying to break the machine.

I’ve heard from a few older guys that while TRT had been good in some ways, GH was really the thing for them that turned back the clock and made them feel young again.
I’m being very careful with getting too excited because I remember the TRT honeymoon, which for me at least didn’t last very long.

So we’ll see…

Yeah I’m paying $38 per vial, amazingly. But this clinic I use is dirt cheap for just about everything. 4 shots in, so far I just sleep waaaay deeper, harder to wake up in the AM & get going.

Glad you’re noticing results already; I feel pretty awesome on TRT anyway so not sure what to expect on low dose HGH, but looking for some fat loss ideally.

That’s insane haha, good for you. I definitely noticed the better sleep too. What’s funny is I’m actually having an easier time waking up in the morning, not sure why.
Although I only had up to go from where I was because it’s always (or at least in the last 20 years) been impossible for me to get out of bed without a gun to my head.

My cortisol levels (and DHEA) are at the very bottom of the range (and I really mean the actual bottom) so that probably has something to do with it. It’ll be interesting to see if the GH changes those values. But this morning I actually felt some inner motivation to get out of bed instead of sleeping in until forced not to, for the first time in 20 years.

I’m hoping it’s something that continues to develop because it would be nice to not feel completely lethargic and apathetic anymore.

Yeah mine are pretty low too, medication side effect. I stay mellow & low-anxiety most of the time tho, so can’t complain. But it does make waking up in the AM hard to matter how much sleep I get

yeah that’s it for me too. Very mellow and low-anxiety, but I notice that the extremely low anxiety correlates, at least in my case, with a lack of drive.
I think anxiety is a very strong motivating force, and sometimes I with I felt a little more of it.

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swoops39 can you share the meds you take for these side effects? I suffer from general anxiety disorder that does not seem to have any triggers they just come and go at will and I have to take benzos when I can get it under control.

Suboxone, 1mg daily. Lowers cortisol, helps keep anxiety low during the day, but can sometimes be a little too low in the AM.

I tried Xanax but felt too groggy & wiped out, couldn’t get anything done