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Can Growth Hormone Cause Facial Changes on Low/Normal Doses?

Hello guys, i want to cycle HGH one more time. But i have only one concern and question:

- Like 2- 4 iu’s a day can cause any bad facial changes like cartilage growth?

Im afraid mainly of nose enlargement. I heard people experiencing nose growth, facial bone changes and other things. But it seems it affects the nose and ears more in the face.

Has any long term HGH user help me out with this? Has anyone see and experience a little bit of nose tissue enlargement due to HGH? Did it cause any facial distortions? I don’t want to make my nose bigger, lol.

I hope 2 months of 2iu every other day won’t cause any degree of facial changes… It seems people use much more higher dosages for longer durations.

Any data and experience would be good to hear.

Oh and, i am using HGH for my prostate and nerve issues as i started to see some improvements around prostate i need to supplement and heal the nerves more. I have good news, Prog theory really worked out, will update when i feel ok :slight_smile: I was trying to stay away from forums. @lordgains

Nerve Studies:

No, at your doses and cycle lengt it cant do shit. Bad or good - nothing.
Happy that it helps for your problem, but that is about it. Maybe it does, maybe its placebo but if you feel like its working - do it.
In reality, such short cycle of such small dose wont do absolutely nothing.

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Thanks. But in offical studies and deficiency protocols, they recommend around 2iu daily.

So i don’t think its not a very small dose? What is the dose you guys usually take?

So i think maybe 4iu eod can help my nerves and health without affecting any bit of my facial features or nose cartilage?

Are there any studies that show people using 2iu a day, getting a huge fcking nose? I would love to see pictures from those studies.

2iu a day is a replacement dose that does nothing more than put your HGH levels at high end of the scale.
4iu eod doesnt make sense as HGH half life is 3-4 hours, so you would be better doing 1iu every 12 hours, which is a normal replacement protocol.
I also do 1iu twice a day, but i do that for anti aging and longevity reasons. There is no visual benefit at such low doses, nor would there be any side effects.

Stop thinking about the facial features, its just absurd. You sound like a person who drank 1 glass of wine for the first time in their life, and now is freaking out about liver failure.

Bodybuilders take 10-20, even as much as 30ius a day for years. Not so much huge noses in Mr.O :smiley:

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As men get older, our noses and ears continue to grow. Might as well accept that fact now. :grinning:

I think for any sort of BBing purpose, this isn’t long enough, or high enough. You are doing 1 iu a day on average. Low end for BBing is double that, and most have to run it much longer than 2 months at that dose to get noteworthy results.

I am interested in nerve damage repair. I have been recovering from what I suspect is a pinched nerve in my neck or shoulder (impacts triceps strength).

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I’m not sure he’s looking to get “freaking huge” from his post. If not 4 ius is high. And yes, those doses even at 2 months may cause a change, AAS and HGH are individual at times in their responses. I had some hand growth at 2 months with 2iu’s a day. It may have affected my nose but not enough to notice, I wasn’t a model before. I get by on my extremely charming intellect :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree it sounds like he is trying to repair nerve damage. I still think 2 iu EOD is kinda not going to do much. Doesn’t 1 iu per day generally keep someone in range?

As a powerlifter, I don’t know if I have a use for GH. I have contemplated it as my IGF-1 is just barely in range at the bottom.

3 times the norm for me, in 2 hours after injecting but its fast half life means it will all be gone in like 10 hours anyways.
So i do 1iu twice a day and hope that mine is around the range all day. My natural hgh was almost 0… and my natural igf sucks also, but on GH it still is only mid-range.

im trying to be a powerlifter also nowdays, so i started to take GH for lengevity - like, joint repair, bone repair, something like that…(i hope).
more than wanting to lift heavy i would like to lift heavy in my 50s also… and guys who lift heavy at older age are usually strongman, who are also known for taking GH to help their body recover and repair from that heavy beating they take in their sport.

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I like it for fat loss at 2 ius. I haven’t gone higher because I don’t want to mess with glucose issues. I do have joint pain at 2 ius, I don’t know if it would increase if I went up either so this is where I’m set.

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I’ve upped it to 4 ius since a week ago and will leave it there. I have had minor finger swelling and some sleepiness during the day. Thats it.

Let me know about gut distension. I’m not sure if its the combo of HGH and blasting test C but it’s definitely there. If I flex I can see abs (I’m between 13 - 15%) but without my stomach constantly tightened I look bloated.

I’ve seen 1iu claimed as “replacement”. Fat loss at 2-4+iu. No idea what a dose for nerve damage would be. Try and see

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Yes I noticed I’m back to a pre cut bloated belly look. Not extreme but noticeable to me.

Hank in all my reading on HGH our pituitary gland only releases GH during rem sleep in the middle of the night. I have no idea why. I was just wondering why you chose to inject twice a day? Our bodies nature secreation is during sleep. So why do you think having GH active during the day helps you?

For those guys wanting to boost your IGF-1 which is suppose to trigger the pituitary gland to release GH at night when you are asleep.
I have had great success with nightly injections of the peptides Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 with DAC. At 67 years old my IGF-1 was pretty much 0. After 3 months of injections here’s my IGF-1


Because my body doesnt release shit. My natural level is 0.5 out of 3… After 2 hours of injection its 10 out of 3…
What ever my body produces naturally, it doesnt really do much.
So i do twice a day, because of short half life of HGH, so i aim for my GH to be higher at least 20 hours out of the day instead of 6-10 :slight_smile:

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Most competitive bodybuilders inject 2 - 4 times per day. They do this because of the short half life of HGH, as well as timing between meals and workouts for recovery. For us casual users once at night is absolutely fine.

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FWIW I wasted almost $1000 on two rounds of this and my IGF-1 didn’t budge. For me its the real thing or bust.


I tried this and only got IGF-1 to 188 (from 134). Tesamorelin + Ipamorelin gets it up to 300+ tho. It’s just so much more $$$