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Can Gov't Finances Be Compared to a Household's?


This is something that you hear thrown about all the time. However, can the comparison be made? I thought I'd share this article and I would like to see how others feel on this topic.


Only if your typical household derived its income by theft.


So you agree then with this part: "Households (generally) earn their income through voluntary transactions in which they provide goods and services to others. In contrast, the government raises the revenue with which to provide its "services" ultimately through the threat of imprisonment."


Yes, I agree.


An important point is that the Fed Gov't is limited on what it 'services' can legally provide (or at least it's supposed to be). The average houshold is free to do whatever they like with their money.


While your point is true in theroy..........
IMO it has been established that the Fed Gov't is operating well outside it's constitutional boundries.


The government is only limited by its own laws which it changes daily -- it is essentially limitless.

The average household is told what it can or can't spend it's money on by these same laws.

Whereas the average household has to "economize" its resources the federal government just increases its thieving or counterfits more money (which is also theft) to make up the shortfall.


That's because the system of checks and balances doesn't seem to exist anymore.


No shit! And that is the problem!


It never did.


That's what happens when you bend the constitution too much. It eventually breaks. I feel like no one cares about it anymore and most of those who talk about it just use it as a sound byte to score political points.


If it is theft, why do you pay your taxes?


Threat of Imprisonment?


Same reason I give my wallet to a robber holding me at gunpoint!


But he's a rootin', tootin' absolutist - no room for compromise.


Lol at your understanding of what a compromise is.


Then let's hear, tough guy - why do you pay your taxes? I thought if anyone messed with you, you'd f*ck them up. Surely theft qualifies as "messing with you"?


I value my life more than proving a point....more importantly my actions don't just affect me but rather my family too.

This doesn't really prove anything you say, just that government has honorable men by the balls.

Nothing new though, right?


Aw, c'mon. No such thing as a "family" - that is just a collective construct, like "society", right? As such, you shouldn't worry about things that don't exist.

Second, most that could happen is that you could go to jail. Wouldn't it make more sense - given that you are such a non-compromising "anarchist" to engage in a little civil disobedience to stand in defiance of theft?


Different than households, but saw on tonights John Stossell show he will be comparing 6 think tanks budget plans.


"With American going broke, it's a good thing that the Peter G. Peterson Foundation gave six think tanks $200,000 to come up with budget proposals. That's what my syndicated column this week is about, and on my Fox Business show tonight:

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/stossel/blog/2011/05/26/battle-budgets-tonight-10pm#ixzz1NV1BVNlg"