Can EVERYONE get lean?

I have a huge gut-I diet 4 weeks & still HUGE GUT! I do it all right maybe I cant get lean?!
My shouders & arms look lean but I have fat tummy!

Even professional bodybuilders diet down for about four months, and you thought it was going to happen for you in a couple of weeks? Your expectations are wrong which would leave anyone else to believe that you probably are NOT doing everything right as you say you are. How long have you been lifting weight? How much do you weigh? Have you decreased carbohydrates in your diet and increased protein intake? Are you drinking alcohol? How old are you? Why would you think that you could eat wrong for years and then instantly get back into shape after one short month of training? Hell, are you even training?
Professor X

I couldn’t agree with Professor X more. I doubt you’re doing it all right if think 4 weeks is enough time for your goals. My advice is too go through the back issues (of T-mag of course) and learn as much as you can.

I have always had a gut:

I am on 1000mg Test weekly
I am 26
I weigh 220lbs
I eat 240g protein, 200g carbs, 30-50g fat. (Split over 6 meals-lots of Grow in there)
I weight train HARD 4 days per week I also do cardio 6 like Berardi says.

Any suggestions?! I

If you are eating no more than you think, that’s about 2200 calories per day. If your bodyfat is 20% (we don’t know what it is from what you’ve said) then your lean body weight is 176 lb, so that’s 12.5 calories per lb. That is a reasonable, moderate amount for long term dieting. Depending on the individual, that may be a caloric deficit of 440 cal/day, or about 3000 cal/week, so it could mean only about 1 lb per week fat loss. Another individual however might lose 2 lb per week on this diet and drug use.

To get to 8%, if you are at 20%, you have about 29 lb of fat to lose (if LBM does not change.) So that could take 14-29 weeks.

Of course, if you are at less than 20%, it could be quicker. But from your description, you might be 20%.

FB: My take. A “gut” (barring some large hernia or abdominal mass) is fat…plan and simple. With Bills calculations from the info you’ve given, you SHOULD(and will)lose that fat. However, one of the BIGGEST mistakes made in this dieting game is UNDERESTIMATION OF THE CALORIC DENSITY OF FOOD! Get an accurate scale, or find a dietician/nutritionist who can FIRST go over your actual intake with a fine tooth comb (these guys are GREAT with this stuff). If you can do it yourself, you are comfortable with your calculations, AND you find that you remain at the calories per pound that Bill calculated, then give it time. IF you still are not losing the fat, then adjustments need to be made (even though going much below 2000 calories probably is not a good idea). In that case, you will need to 1) Increase caloric expenditure via a combination of additional cardio (as I stated in a previous post, I’ve started an am-empty stomach/low intensity post workout (WITH ADEQUATE POST WORKOUT NUTRITION, WELL OUTLINED BY JB IN THE LAST T-MAG ISSUE),with good results for me and 2) Consider a slow taper onto a good thermogenic (like MD-6) with an eventual addition of T-2. As you already know, a)“the devil is often in the details” and most failures are in the diet (or in the “T-Mag” venacular, “It’s the DIET, Stupid!”). Good luck, and hope this helps.

Guys here are forgetting something very important: if you’ve been fat your whole life, you’ll probably have a large fat “wrinkle” around your waist. I know what I am talking about, I lost 56 kgs during 6 months. This will contribute to you “not being lean” in the abdomenal area. Unfortunately, without some major tummy tuck and/or liposuction, chances are you will never have your abs. The best bet to avoid this would be slow dieting and cycling of mass/leaning phases… but tell that to someone who started being on the dieting wagon. Damn, I lost 56 kgs in “a row”!

Yeah, but I bet you have a heafty squat and bench press, right? Not I. Sometimes I wish I had a gut…