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Can ephedrine spoil?

I found some old packs of ephedrine I had bought back in '98 for an ECA stack and was wondering if they’re still good. Each pill contains 25mg ephedrine HCL and 200mg guaifensin. Could either of these products spoil, degrade, or start to go bad, etc.? If they’re OK to use I’d like to use them as they should be more effective than the herbal stuff you can get now.



I’m wondering about the same thing. I’ve personally found Ephedrine does indeed lose some of its kick once it’s ‘expired’. But, the Caffine pills, which are also expired, seem to be solid.

Amines, even in the HCl form (and ephedrine is an amine) do have a tendency to oxidize with time and lose potency.

I know this is kinda off topic but what about creatine?

i have some that expires this month and wondering if i should throw it out or not.