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Can Do More Chin-ups If My Feet Touch Something

I can do 6 chin-ups from deadhang but only if my feet touch the ground. If my feet doesn’t touch, i cann’ t get 2?

Is there a question here?

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I just want to know if there was imbalance or somthing .

It sounds like your back is weaker than your legs.


I didn’t think so i think don’t use my leg i let touch the ground

Sounds like a case of hot feet. Nothing to worry about but on the bright side you should be able to burn up the dance floor.

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That’s no surprise. A true “dead hang” has only your arms/back supporting all your weight, while (obviously) with your feet touching ground (or something like a box), your legs are supporting at least a portion of your weight. So, when your feet are touching, you are getting a nice rest at the bottom compared to doing strict, dead hang pull ups.

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Are your feet touching the ground the entire time or just at the bottom?

If it’s the entire time, on top of the ground taking some of the weight off, it also helps with stability. Chin ups require quite a bit of strength and stability through the core, so connecting your feet to the ground will help with this.

If it’s just at the bottom, you may be getting a bit of a push off on each rep (this could also be the case for above, where your feet are touching the ground the entire time).

Either way, it’s totally expected.

So, you mean - “I can do one dead hang chin-up.” They’re not dead hang if your feet touch the ground. You’re inadvertently pushing off a bit from the ground with your feet. Makes the pull-ups a lot easier. Good news - this isn’t indicative of any imbalance, it just means you’re weak at the bottom of the pull-up. Try doing clusters of 1-2 pull-ups from deadhang instead of complete failure. For pull-ups, frequency is king.


I can do more chin ups if my feet can touch the floor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

6 is weak sauce. I can do thousands of pull-ups with my feet touching the floor.

Idk about that.

Depends how much floor touching we’re talking.

Personally, I can run really fast when I’m sitting in a car.


:joy: this thread makes me giggle

Jeez. How big is your car dude?

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You should see how high I can jump when I’m strapped into an Osprey.


I can bench press more with styrofoam weights on the bar. Not sure why, but just gonna roll with my new 4-plate PR on bench. Note sure it will carryover to squats but will give it a go.