Can DIM and/or Grape Seed Extract Replace an Aromatase Inhibitor?

Recently I made a post asking about the best testosterone ester for low SHBG but I recently was prescribed Test Cypionate, HCG and anastrozole. Due to there being a bigger chance of the aromatization of Testosterone into Estrogen with HCG use, I wanted to see if I can use DIM and/or Grape Seed Extract as a replacement for anastrozole. I already crashed my estrogen once I got on Clomid and it feels worse than having low testosterone.

If I were to take each supplement mentioned, how much should I take? This might be a question that is specific to certain people’s bodies but I know that specifically, DIM does not inhibit aromatization but converts e2 into “good estrogens” which can be easily metabolized. Is it possible to take too much DIM or Grape Seed Extract?

DIM and other herbs will not be nearly as strong. But you may not need them anyway.

How did you crash your e2 on Clomid? SERMs don’t block the production, although many do report feeling like shit on them