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Can DHEA Raise T?

Is That true that DHEA actually can raise your T?. My endocrinologist put me on 50mg a day. to tell you the true, I’m don’t believe that at all. I read so many conflicting crap on the internet that confusion is an under statement.

How old are you . Oral DHEA is said to not be absorbed . What was reason he put you on DHEA - was that low ? Keep in mind DHEA can also convert to Estrodiol - it can also convert to Testosterone . It will not raise your T level unless the T level is 0 . The reason it won’t raise T level ( and will possibly lower it ) is if it does convert to T the body sees the extra T as an outside source and slows or even shuts of your natural production to compensate for added T . I do think it is possible to raise T level while the natural system is off ( while already on TRT with real Testosterone being added to system ) by using DHEA in transdermal form ( a lotion like they do with androgel ) . Also by using a Aromatase Inhibitor you could steer the DHEA to convert only to T and not E .