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Can DHEA Aromatize?

Hi, can this aromatize in the body? Thanks in advance.


If you mean converted to estrogen, then yes. It can also be converted to test and a dozen, or so other hormones, as well. I wouldn’t mess with supplementing it unless you’re over 35, and know for sure that you’re deficient.


I agree with DJ. I also feel that it’s effects on being used as a supplement to boost test levels high enough to benefit somebody’s lifting program are inadequate. It is better used for somebody who needs help in the bedroom. There are better products out there if you are looking for the bodybuilding part and not the bedroom part. lol


As mentioned before, it gets converted into estrogen, as well as test. It is isn’t like this is an active steroid, it’s a pro-pro-hormone (yes, I meant to put the two pros). It gets converted into so many different hormones, one of which is estrogen.

I really don’t see why you would try to achieve any sort of performance enhancement from this stuff. I gave my father a bottle of this stuff, since his natural DHEA levels have shrunk over the years. Unless you’re an older type, you’re wasting your money.