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Can Creatine Raise Blood Pressure?


Hello T-Nation,

I'm taking blood pressure medication and i was wondering if anyone knows if creatine can raise your blood pressure?

Any feedback would be nice.




Creatine has never been shown to increase blood pressure levels.

Depending on the medication though, it may be best to ask your doctor.


Good to know. Thanks


It does for some, not for others.

When I went through MEPS you have to have below 140/90, I typically do, but the creatine made be boarder-line 138/78. During week 7 or 8 of indoc training I had it taken again (so 7 weeks off creatine), even with my "white coat syndrome" it was down to 122/68 on a pretty crappy diet.

I know it has no impact on some people, but for me it did.


I think I will start at about 5g of creatine a day for a couple weeks just to see if there is any significant changes in my BP. If all is well I might bump up to 10g a day.


It can. Doctor told me so.


I think I can maintain a good BP and still take 5g of creatine a day. I will just have to monitor it more.


Just track it. Also, my diastolic stayed low while on it, and that's the number that most agree really matters. If your systolic goes up a little, but the diastolic stays put, I wouldn't worry. But that's me.


Awesome. Thanks


I tried it couple of years ago.....yes it did seem to raise my BP. Stopped taking it.