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Can Computer Virus Harm mp3 Player?


If my computer has a virus on it and I copy songs onto a new mp3 player, could I screw up the mp3 player?

Sorry, I tried google, but couldnt find an answer..


If something is hidden in your music folder and you unknowingly copy it into your mp3 player, it could make it impossible to play songs--you'll have to reformat your mp3 player in that event.

It's not likely you'll end up messing it up, though.




Only if the virus was written specifically for the device it was transferred to.



The virus could definitely be transferred to your mp3 player. Whether or not it affects it is another story, but if you than plug that into another computer than you could spread it there and so on.

For example, my girlfriend tried to grab some songs off of my computer with her ipod, when she plugged it into my computer my antivirus went off saying there was a virus on her ipod and that it had tried to spread to my computer and was quarantined.


Theoretically, yes. It's incredibly unlikely though that the virus would work on your device though. It would have to be specifically designed to target your make and model of MP3 player.


Absolutely. A virus can be transferred to your MP3 player and while you listen to your music it travels up your headphones into your ear giving you a virus.

Pretty scary.

I'd probably burn the MP3 player just to be safe.


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I really don't know.

but if you suspect you have a virus/trojan in your music files, you should just scan it to make sure.

get a free trial of bitdefender or avg or something and run a scan.


You dont often find virus's in music folders but if you are worried format and redownload all the music :slight_smile:


What virus is it? if you dont know, what does it do to your comp? might be able to help you get rid of it.


No. Like other people said, you can spread it, but a computer virus is usually written for some version of Windows. So, unless your mp3 runs Windows, nothing to worry about.


macs are now capable of getting viruses too!


That's why I prefer to use UBUNTU, at least Linux does not get affected by viruses....(It can be fixed by every distro)

Get a better antivirus

Anyway you can check the Mac Virus -newton virus-

If your mp3 player get screwed with virus infection, just upgrade their firmware or format it.


thanks if anybody could help me get rid of it I'd appreciate it. At first ai was trying to read up and google my answer, wanted to figure out as much as I could on my own before asking for help, but then I figured that's like the fat housewives who want to lose weight so they can join a gym

What's it do? heres a list

-computer restarts on its own sometimes. It's not crashing, i dont think but its as if i went to eht start menu and hit restart. I have at least twice gotten a message thso that said something to the effect of "We apologize, windows had to be restarted ... software change ... stopped responding ..." and then gives you the option of starting with the last known good configuration

  • When surfing the web, new FF & IE browsers open up. Not just pop up ads, but full new browsers with address bars, taking me to different sites. I guess that's a hijack?

  • once the screen froze, including the clock, but I could still move the cursor around (just couldnt click anything)

-I clicked on a minimized IE to maximize it. The blue title bar, the URL bar, tabs and the status on teh bottom came up, but the window itself, where the website shoulda been, stayed transparent
(see the pic)

  • the task bar has disappeared at times, just goes transparent

I've got some pics of this nonsense


I also restarted adn took screen shots of the task mgr immediately upon startup. Most of the processes seem to have a legit use, but I'm not sure about some. And is this a normal # of processes to be running when you've just started up? seems high...




I use webroot antivirus, this is what comes up when I run a scan. I quarantine/remove everythign all the tiem, but they must replicate somehow


If running spybot/adaware and a good virus removal program (windows defender, or whatever) does not fix the problem, I would reinstall windows.

These new viruses, spyware, adware, whatever, are quite a bit sophisticated. To remove them manually is a task that can be, quite frankly, very complex & time consuming, and is almost never worth the time.

You MUST focus on prevention. Why did you get this? Are you practicing safe computing? :slight_smile:


That picture is a bit too small.:slight_smile:

It is high. And you actually can't garner much information from the task manager process list, when dealing with malware, to be honest. There are far better tools for figuring out what is REALLY running on your system. Process explorer from sysinternals is one of them. The target audience is not the general home user, though.