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Can Clomid Cause Prostate Growth?

Clomid is a Serm meaning it blocks estrogen in certain area’s but stimulates estrogens in other area’s of the body.
I know clomid raises T hence dht but i was wondering since clomid blocks estrogen in the hypothalumus causing T levels to rise does Clomid stimulate estrogen in the prostate?

As a SERM increases LH/FSH, T and estrogen levels will follow. If SERM does is too high, LH too high, T–>E2 inside the testes can be high and then SERM levels are high. There is thinking that estrogens are a bigger risk factor for the prostate than T or DHT.

By prostate growth you are referring to BPH which has an inflammatory component. One needs to avoid estrogen dominance.

In reviewing what has been stated about TRT and prostate, you have to realize that most men on TRT do not seem to be using an AI and E2 levels can be higher than many now see as optimal. So the TRT population as a whole has whatever risks are associated with higher E2 levels. So men with proper E2 management will have an advantage over the general TRT population.

The issues involved with your question are many and it is thus hared to respond.

I have been on TRT for 11.5 years, urine flow has improved and PSA has gone down over time and has generally been quite low. Not really directly clomid related.

When clomid is used, how would you sort out any direct effects from secondary effects?