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Can Cabergoline Be Dissolved Vodka?

When I started caber prolactin was:

Prolactin S 352.6 mIU/L 84.80 - 318 ECLIA

After 10 months of using, small dose(first 2x0.125mg, then 2x0.25mg) now it is around 170
Just recently I started TRT but for now I will continue using the caber

Any chance that having sex the night before the blood was drawn had anything to do with the slightly high prolactin ???

I dont think it can elevate it more than a little bit

In my case my prolactin before starting TRT was always on the lower range, latest bloods
TSH 1.29 UI/ml (0.28-3.89)
Prolactina 17.09 ng/ml (2.58-18.12)
Estradiol 46 pg/ml (15-80)
Total T 8.74 ng/ml (2.41-8.71)
Cortisol 9.20 mcg/dl (7-25)
SHBG always on the lower normal range around 22
Before TRT
Prolactin 7.53 ng/ml
In my case i´m sure is from TRT and E2 being out of place, i´ll try to reduce the dose of T to 120 mg per week, i also don´t feel good on arimidex, but taking another drug on top of what i already use is just nuts.
Any insight on your E2 levels, you don´t take an AI??

I dont care about the E2 and I will not touch an AI until I get severe E2 symptoms

I do not see your E2 being out of place, on paper it looks perferct

Does the increased prolactin cause you any issues? Many people have slightly increased prolactin on TRT but they are ok with that

Not really, i just don´t like seeing that number go up each time i do labs, feeling weird after Caber tho, thanks for your time man.

Hello i feel i should share this info with you since we have been discussing this, by reducing dose of Test E from 140 to 120 mg per week devided into 2 shots, got Prolactin down to 10 ng/ml from the 17 ng results 10 weeks ago, E2 also are more controlled with the same microdose of arimidex, information about reducing dose since my SHBG is low was given to me by systemlord, i was so worried about high prolactin and refractory period, i´m so relieved now

I guess you could do even better with more frequent administration

Why did you take the Cabergoline and is it helping

I started taking it due to higher prolactin levels. Yes it is helping unfortunately seems I will need to take it for a few more months at least, but in the dosage I take it seems pretty safe even to be taken for years. A lot of people here fear this drug, but Ive checked enough studies, literature about it and took opinions from doctors and long-time users.

Your on TRT too?

Yes but I started caber before it