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Can Cabergoline Be Dissolved Vodka?

Hey guys hoping some one could help me out, i have a question and was just wondering if cabergoline can be dissolved in vodka for microdosing just as Arimidex??, thanks

Get a mg scale. Weigh out exactly how much you want to take, take that amount. It’s exact. Dissolving in alcohol is not. Here’s the mg scale I used when I took anastrozole

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0012TDNAM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_7AA8Xf7wgOHl6

thanks but What do you mean by “dissolving in alcohol is not” i do have one scale but pills are to small to cut in more than 4 pieces.
Are you also Implying that dissolving anastrozole in alcohol does not give an accurate dosing???
I´m over responder and dissolve 1 mg pill of arimidex in 8 ml of vodka so that 1 ml contains 0.125 mg of anastrozole and i take 0.5 ml, sometimes even a lot less and my E2 is on the 30 pg range and under control, i only take 140 mg of testosterone E per week splitted in 2 shots

I took .125mg anastrozol too at one point and it was extremely easy to do. You don’t have to cut the pill perfectly. You basically just shave off crumbs until the scale says .125mg or whatever you want it to say. It takes seconds to do. Drinking a ml of vodka so you can take your AI seems a little too nuts to me and I’m fairly nuts.

After 6 months of dealing with the AI bullshit because of things like this I quit and feel much better. Maybe just drink your morning ml of vodka with a splash of lime instead.

Ok thanks but my question is simply if Caber can be dissolved in alcohol just like arimidex

What would you want to do that? I take small doses of caber and cut it with a knife. Its not big deal to cut it in 4. You have no use from taking lower dose than that 0.125mg.

Thanks but Still not answering my question, in my case Arimidex at 0.125 is way too much i´m an over responder, microdosing by dissolvint it is the best way, i´m guessing the same thing with cabergoline, i just need to know if it´s ok to dissolve it in vodka

I dont think so. Please let me know why you need to take caber and what dosage, in also over responder to everything and i had terrible side effects with caber at the beginning that most people dont have

Hey, I am pretty certain HCG does more harm than good how ever it´s not ok to drop it if i´m interested in maintaining testicular size and penile sensitivity, by using it twice weekly 250 iu my prolactin got up to almost 16 ng, it was usually around 7 ng, reference range is from 2 ng to 18 ng, E2 is 30 pg, so i decided to take a bit of caber i bought the one from SP labs that is dosed at 0.25 mg per pill and i took a quarter of pill that being 0.0625 mg, The only thing i was noticing is i was reaching orgasm too fast :frowning: and long refratory period, prolactin got to 7 ng, i don´t use any other compound that raises prolactin MRI showed no tumor nor anyother problem, so i belive HCG is responsable for prolactin being on the high normal range and i also belive that HCG is responsable for most of the bad symptoms most guys experience during TRT, what symptoms did you ecperience with caber, i´m truly afraid of supressing too much estrogen that is why i´m very careful not to overdose on any of this compounds anastrozole or Caber

From the words of the late great Crocodile Dundee “That’s not a knife… This is a knife”

Your prolactin at 16 isn’t high or outside of your range and I can’t imagine it warranting the use of cabergoline. What issues are you having that are prolactin related? Mine is much higher than yours and I don’t take anything or have issues.

No, caber caused other issues for me because its a dopamine agonist. But im taking 0.125mg twice a week and didnt drop my prolactine so much.

The first 3 months it increased my anxiety, nervousnesses, made me more emotional and angry, also could not sleep well on the night i take it. Now I dont feel anything

Hey thank you for sharing, yours is clearly at that point from high E2, over 70 pg is just too high my E2 is at 30 pg and i feel just fine, about prolactin comparing recent bloods to those when i started trt by the end of 2017 has been gradually increasing from 7 ng to 11 ng in 2018 by summer to almost 16 ng now, the only time E2 got out of control no higher than 60 pg was when i had to get testosterone from another place due to my doctor not willing to prescribe it for the dose i had to use, so i got it from balkan pharma, thinking it might be underdosed i upped the dose and it went to the roof to almost 19 ng/dl, total T i meant, in that moment E2 got to 60 pg
Like i said before the only thing i was feeling was like too much sensitivity on my dick and i was ejaculating too fast even at masturbation and then refractory period also took a couple of hours, that is a red flag for me.
I pinned hcg for the last time on july the 31st and since then everything i have experienced is good, just by following the same diet even eating more sugar i have shedded a lot of fat and my body feels overall more toned i have reduced a lot the AI to the ponit of only taking a very small amount, very small that is why micro dosing is so important, now i don’t understand why you should take caber on a regular basis it should only be taken if prolactin is high and 1 single dose is able to lower it very much.
On a side note i have always been on hcg since day one of my trt journey and since i stopped on the 31st of july and draw bloods by mid august it had already dropped but very little like from
15,6 to 14,7 ng that is why i feel HCG has a lot to do with this issue

Most people say high E2 causes less sensitive penis and prolonged ejaculation. Your prolactin is not high and it sounds like you’re looking for symptoms to justify taking something you don’t need. You do you but it doesn’t sound like you are where you want to be and adding extra drugs is a great way to not get there.

Slightly elevated prolactine is a problem for some people. Mine was also and i feel much better now that it is down

I just took it once i don’t plan on using it on a regular basis i also think the less the better, just wanted to figure out what was causing prolactin issue.

Hey can you share your protocol, how much test are you using

Im not yet on TRT my prolactine was not elevated because of TRT. Nobody knows why, I dont have tumor as well. But bear in mind these tumors when too small my not be detected on NMR.

Most people report when they start using test their prolactin to fall down.

Before TRT I plan to try HCG mono for a couple of weeks, hope this will not bounce up prolactin again

I´m begining to feel this, new lab showed prolactin at 17 ng, it´s going up how ever i found this

In this article it clearly states that high prolactin from E2 stimulation will not respond to dopamine agonist, so the ones having high prolactin need to control it either by lowering TRT dose or taking more AI.
I have been taking very low dose of caber for over a month now twice per week and i´, feeling fucking anxious, i´ll stop that shit right away.

I know many people who lowered prolactin from TRT with caber.
The side effects of caber will go away.
I would 100 times get caber vs touching any amount of AI
Im already 10 months on prolactine and I dont have issues from it

Hello, can you share your latest labs, thanks, how high was your prolactin before starting caber and how is it now.