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Can C3G lower LDL Cholesterol?

I’ve been using a c3g supplement for a few months now and just had blood work completed. LDL level dropped from 175 to 128. My LDL has been floating around 170ish for 5 years now so I’m very happy with this result.

High LDL levels are hereditary in my family so I’m super surprised by this result.

What happened to your total cholesterol?

It decreased. HDL remained good and Triglycerides, which were never an issue, remained low.

Well, it’s an antioxidant, which means it should help keep down small blood vessel inflammation (from free radicals). The body normally produces cholesterol to reinforce blood vessel cell membranes that have been damaged by free radicals so it would be a sign that perhaps your liver isn’t getting as strong a signal to make as much cholesterol.

In fact, HDL and LDL are more a SIGN of what is going on in your body than a CAUSE. LDL is used to transport cholesterol TO cells that need to be reinforced because they may have suffered free radical damage, so LDL is a SIGN of blood vessel damage and not a cause. HDL carries cholesterol from cells back to the liver, so a high HDL is a SIGN that the cells don’t need more cholesterol to “heal” from free radical damage. So a good HDL to LDL ratio is just a sign that the cells aren’t being damaged a lot, and they can send cholesterol back to the liver where it gets removed from the body. It’s why HDL and LDL should really not be messed around with as if they were CAUSES, but rather you should consider what is going on in your body that is telling your liver to send more cholesterol to cells and telling cells not to send it back (as HDL) to the liver because they don’t need it.